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Vivo nex Ruby Red comprehensive evaluation vivo nex ruby red configuration parameter table vivo nex has been released for a long time, and the most noticeable one is undoubtedly vivo nex ruby. The red color of the back cover of vivo nex Ruby edition extends all the way to the side frame. The appearance is very bright, and its configuration is quite amazing. Let's have a look at it quickly.

Ruby sparkle:

First of all, the biggest difference between this vivo nex ruby red and the flagship version of vivo nex is the appearance. As the name suggests, vivo nex ruby red color is red on the back. When you swing the mobile phone, you can see the red and white lights shining like gemstones from the back of the mobile phone. If the sun shines slightly, it will set off mottled light patterns, which is very beautiful. In addition, the whole back shell is composed of a whole arc glass. In the edge of the dark red design, so that the whole back shell look more three-dimensional.

Vivo nex ruby red configuration parameter table

I got this model as a post fingerprint version, so there will be a fingerprint identification hole in the middle of the back shell of the mobile phone. As for the speed, I will explain it to you in the system part. Under the fingerprint identification module is the logo of nex, which is simple and extreme. Other parts, such as camera layout and dual color temperature flash configuration, are the same as the flagship version.

Vivo nex ruby red back

Vivo nex ruby red side also uses the metal middle frame design, which complements the back shell in color and has a strong continuity with the back shell. At the same time, the whole back shell and the middle frame are closely connected and have a strong integration.

The front is the same as the flagship version of vivo nex, which uses a real full screen with a screen size of 6.59 inches and a screen material of OLED. Instead of the common 18:9 and 18.5:9 designs, this screen uses 19.3:9.

In addition, in terms of the thickness of the screen frame, the top and left and right frames are the same width, which has a strong visual impact, so the screen share has reached an amazing 91.24%. Secondly, a lot of black technology is integrated in the top of the screen: its full screen voice technology replaces the earpiece, driving the whole screen voice through the micro vibration unit. Other sensors are hidden in the top frame and are not noticed at all.

This technology reminds me of Sony TV, especially Bravia series, which uses screen sound technology. I don't know if vivo nex and Sony Bravia series have the same sound technology (I haven't been clear about this problem, I hope I can directly ask vivo product manager next time).

In addition, this vivo nex ruby red version is still equipped with an elevating camera. In the experience, the author calculated that it only takes 1s to switch the front camera to pop up. At the same time, vivo also made three special effects sounds, which are very clear and pleasant. In addition, when you use the mobile phone and press the pop-up front camera hard, it will stretch into the fuselage according to the external force judgment, which is necessary for fuselage protection.

Vivo nex series mobile phones are models that the author has seen functional layout around the frame, such as Jovi smart button on the left side of the mobile phone; volume and switch button on the right side of the mobile phone; 3.5mm headphone hole and adjustable front camera module on the top; micro SD card slot and loudspeaker hole on both sides of the bottom, USB type-C interface in the middle of the bottom.

Appearance summary:

The whole vivo nex ruby red mobile phone gives me a big impression that the use of color is very gorgeous, and under the sun reflection, it is as bright as a gem. In addition, the hand feel is also excellent. I can't believe that this is a mobile phone with a 6.59-inch screen. In addition, the overall grip is similar to the iPhone 8 plus with a 5.5-inch screen size.