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What is the medicinal value of Qumai

Qumai is a kind of perennial herb, and also a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. We often use it at ordinary times. It has good effect on our treatment of various diseases. But when we take traditional Chinese medicine at ordinary times, we don't pay much attention to it. It is usually taken in combination with other medicine materials. Then, many friends will think about the medicinal value of Qumai Why? Let's have a look through the following introduction.

[efficacy and function of Qumai]:

Diuresis; clearing dampness and heat; promoting blood circulation and promoting menstruation. Main dysuria; heat drenching; blood drenching; stone drenching; amenorrhea; red eye swelling pain; carbuncle swelling and sores; wet sores and pruritus. Diuresis can clear the drench and blood circulation. It is used for heat drenching, blood drenching, stone drenching, dysfunctional urination, astringent drenching, menstruation stopping.

① "Ben Jing": it is mainly concerned with the syndrome of various kinds of constipation. It is difficult to urinate, and it will be stabbed. It will definitely lead to carbuncle and swelling. It will clear the eyes and remove the haze. It will break the fetus and abort the child. It will shut down the blood.

② "Other records": Nourishing Kidney Qi, chasing bladder evil, stopping cholera, long hair.

③ Modern practical Chinese medicine: it can treat edema, heat and astringency pain in urine, and blood drenching.

④ "Theory of medicinal properties": Lord Wulin.

⑤ "Rhubarb herb": leaf: for hemorrhoids and diarrhea, Ascaris in children, swelling and pain in eyes, tamping and applying to treat immersion sore and women's Yin sore. Son: birth, treatment of menstruation, blood clots, discharge pus.

⑥ Materia medica classic: benefit the small intestine is the most important.


Spleen, kidney qi deficiency and pregnant women should not take it.

① Essence of pinhui: pregnancy should not be taken.

② "Notes to the classic of Materia Medica": coir and peony are the envoys. Cuttlebone.

③ "Materia medica Jingshu": anyone with kidney qi deficiency and small intestine without great heat should avoid it; anyone with deficiency before and after birth and suffering from small water is disadvantageous and forbidden by law; those with edema, demagogic swelling and spleen deficiency should not apply it.

Through the above introduction, we know what the medicinal value of Qumai is, and we also know that pregnant women can't take it, which will cause serious impact. In addition, when taking it at ordinary times, we should pay attention to that we can't use it blindly. We must know what kind of efficacy and side effects it will have, mainly under the guidance of doctors.