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When will the national costume of "eat chicken" come online "survival of the Jedi" is the most popular game at present. Recently, it was reported that the national uniform of "survival of the Jedi" is coming? Let's have a look.

Recently, players found that the option of "survival of the Jedi" appeared in the wechat recharge entry.

Since the release of the national service at the end of last year, Jedi survival has been very mysterious. The online day of the national service that players are very concerned about has not been disclosed yet. Recently, players found the figure of Jedi survival on the Tencent recharge (wechat wallet QQ coin recharge game) page of wechat.

It can be seen in the figure that in addition to Jedi survival, there are two mobile games of Tencent's pubg. However, although these three games appear on the top-up page, none of them can be top-up. Click to display the status that you can click to make an appointment when going online.

Whether the top-up page of "survival of the Jedi" launched by wechat is related to the launch of Guofu, the exact information will wait for the official announcement.