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Lovelorn let 8 methods of mood rise?

on the way of growing up, people will always experience such an unforgettable love once and twice. Then, for various reasons, they failed to get together, leading to a breakup. They thought that the earth could rotate normally only when they were together forever. Two people stuck together, who can't breathe without the other side, suddenly left their side, and may never meet again. Now it's like losing a part of the body. How painful it is to cry until you can't cry. The sky is suddenly covered with dark clouds. All the love songs are so sad. There is no mind or spirit to do anything. Break up, how to do how to do? It's hard. All right, dry your tears, get up from your stupefied chair, and get moving------

1. Dear children, open the curtains and let the sunshine in. Scan the room, maybe there are still gifts he gave, the air he breathed, and hide them. Clean up the floor, old clothes in the closet, old clothes that are rarely worn, or things that you don't know what to use, give them to others or throw them away. You want to live towards tomorrow, whether you like it or not, the sun will still rise, and people on the street will still walk happily. Life goes on. Work should go on, study should go on. I know it's hard to start a new life and a new journey. But let's start. I cleaned my house well and looked comfortable.

2. Maybe I haven't eaten in a day. No matter how you want to eat an egg and some fruit, as well as pork and beef, to ensure that your stomach is full, you have the strength to go out to a place where there is a bright sky. If you can't eat, you need to eat a little. He is not around, maybe no one cares about you, so you don't care about yourself, who else cares about you.

3. Don't put your mind in your heart, think about all kinds of reasons, all kinds of possibilities, or you may not be willing to, or you can't extricate yourself from the memory. Well, don't think about it, sit there pitifully. Find a familiar friend. Stay by his side, what do you think in your heart, and tell us all about these things. Let's talk about all the bad feelings. (or if the writing is good, write a love story that makes the world shaking. Maybe it will be famous.) A friend may not give you a good way out of the lovelorn mood for the time being, but his listening is a kind of comfort. Try to find a cheerful and interesting friend, maybe he can infect you, make you happy, and make you smile on your cloudy face for many days.

4. Don't be sloppy, as if you haven't washed your face and combed your hair in three days. You know, there are many lovelorn people on the earth, not you alone. Dress up, buy yourself a present you always want, change your hair style and put on shiny clothes. Go out. Maybe you'll meet someone who really suits you. A man who can really go together for life. Or travel to a place you've always wanted.

5. Make yourself better, invest in yourself, learn a dance, don't pursue how perfect it is, at least make yourself energetic, energetic, learn a foreign language and read more books. The more people understand, the less difficult it is to challenge. It's also becoming more and more powerful. Watch more movies and books that make you laugh and listen to more dynamic songs. There are many happy and novel pleasures in life, waiting for you to feel them.

6. When you are free, keep a little pet, a little dog and a little cat. They can bring you warmth. Or plant a plant. Observe the growth of flowers and plants, and the beauty in details is also loved. Cultivate more hobbies, have some sports, and take part in more activities. If you have enough time, you can volunteer. In the nursing home of the welfare home, you will feel how good your life is and how good your time and health are when you see the old people who are getting old and have difficulty in activities.

7. Don't think God is unfair to you. There are so many lovelorn people who are more painful than you. Do not experience emotional setbacks, do not know a person's good or bad, how can we really grow up, how can we discern which is the right person. In order to cherish a relationship more. Add some life experience. Lovelorn let oneself mature and steady. You have to be proud and happy, because you must be very young. Forty or fifty people are rarely lovelorn, because many people's hearts have been polished into cold steel. It's not a shame to have a great love. At least live for yourself.

8. It's so hard. I can't seem to forget him. What should I do? Time is passing. The enemy of love is not hate, but forgetting. Time will let you go. Maybe five years later, ten years later. It's funny to think about this relationship. I may miss it a little, but I'm sure I don't think it's a big deal. Maybe it dawned on me: ha, that man, stupid, stupid and old-fashioned, I still like him so much, fortunately, I broke up. Otherwise, how could I meet such an excellent and lovely him later. Even if there is no worry, the present life is really suitable for themselves, is the real peace and happiness. You will also become the happiest self-confident one of you.