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How do girls in love always ask boys for money?

boys and girls get along with each other, love each other, and can't avoid giving each other gifts, or spending, and some money things happen. But if girls always ask boys for money alone, how should boys face it and what should they do?

1. Be alert.

If they are not very familiar with each other and do not know each other well, especially through the Internet, then they should be alert to prevent the other party from cheating money and things in the name of the object.

2. Don't sink deeper.

Maybe at the beginning of getting along, the other side will often ask for red envelopes in the form of buying things they like and asking for money. The boy is also embarrassed by his face. I'm sorry to refuse. But if the other side gets worse and asks for money frequently, the boy must do a good job in the bottom line of stop loss to avoid getting deeper and deeper.

3. Do as you can.

Maybe boys also feel that girls just want to get along with themselves for some small money. They really like each other and are willing to pay for it. Then they can do it according to their own actual situation. But to be clear, what money can buy is not true feelings.

4. Du yinfangwei.

If boys and girls have been together for a long time, and they agree with each other, but girls like to ask for money and spend money so much, they should also be properly advised or restrained. Otherwise, in the future marriage life, both parties may not be happy.

5. Love sincerely.

Love is to give, not to take. If girls only know to take, there is no selfless dedication and giving. Maybe her love for you is not true, so it's necessary for you to try and stop giving her money to prove her loyalty to love.

6. The foundation of love.

Love is built on the basis of mutual love, common understanding and resonance, mutual sincere love and unconditional payment for each other. If love is built on the basis of money and material, then love between each other will not be stronger than gold and stable as rock. One day, money will go away. So boys don't have to pay for a love without rock solid.