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How can Xiaomi's cell phone burn? Teach you to handle it easily

Why Xiaomi's mobile phone is always hot and can't turn on the phone? We are very confused and don't know how to solve this problem. In the past few years, there were relevant reports that Xiaomi was born for fever, but it's not good that the mobile phone can't turn on the phone. In life, the mobile phone can't turn on the phone, so it's a waste of time. Here's a summary of several ways that Xiaomi's mobile phone can't turn on the phone. Let's take a look

1. Use the line to charge and try to start the phone for a period of time, or replace a cell phone battery of the same model. 2. Remove the SIM card and SD card at the same time, and then try to power on again. 3. If the problem still exists, it may also be related to the third-party software you downloaded and installed by yourself. Please press and hold [menu key] (left touch sensing key) for a long time when you see the logo icon when you restart the machine until the word "safe mode" appears in the lower left corner of the screen, and then release your hand. After you uninstall some self downloaded applications in the settings, shut down and restart the machine. 4. If you still can't turn on after uninstalling the application, you can enter the 'safe mode' backup data (such as: contact, SMS, photo, etc.) according to the above methods, and restore the factory settings. 5. If you can't enter the safe mode and can't turn on, it's recommended that you take your mobile phone with Three Guarantees certificate and send it to the nearest service center for inspection and maintenance!