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2018 Spain Super Cup Time 2018 Spain Super Cup competition system

On July 9, the long-running Spanish Super Cup competition system was finally settled today. After discussion at the Spanish Football Association meeting, this season's Spanish Super Cup will be held in Tangier, Morocco, on August 12.

After a week of wrangling among Sevilla, Barcelona and the Spanish Football Association, the match system and schedule of the Spanish Super Cup are finally determined today. The Spanish Super Cup will be held on August 12 in the northern city of Tangier, Morocco.

As for why the single match system is adopted, Spanish Football Association President Luis ruyales explained: 'our original agreement can't support the Super Cup competition in the week before August 12, and the League will start immediately after August 12, which conflicts with the League again, so we can only use the single match system. '

As for why we chose the Moroccan city of Tangier, ruyales explained: 'since it is a single match, it is impossible to win in Sevilla or Barcelona. We have also considered Valencia and Madrid, but there are always some shortcomings that do not meet the conditions. In the end, we chose the Moroccan city of Tangier, where the temperature is more appropriate and not too hot to damage the health of the players. The competition here will also bring us some economic benefits. As for the compensation requested by Sevilla, we will also deal with it after FIFA gives permission. '