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Men's health care tips in summer

here are some tips on health care in summer, including drinking more water, getting enough sleep, taking less cold bath, eating reasonably and eating bitterly.

Summer health care tips 1: enough sleep

Keeping enough sleep is one of the common sense of health care in summer. Due to the high temperature in summer, the human body consumes too much energy and is prone to fatigue. Therefore, keeping enough sleep can not only improve the efficiency of work and study, but also relax the brain and body systems in summer, which is very good.

Common sense of health care in summer II: less cold bath

With the temperature rising, people often like to take a cold bath when they come back. But because the human body absorbs a lot of heat in the sun, cold water bath will make the pores of the whole body close quickly, the heat can not be released and stay in the body, resulting in high fever, blood supply shortage, dizziness and even shock due to the rapid contraction of cerebral capillaries. Therefore, the best way is to sweat, take away a lot of heat, and then take a bath.

Common sense of health care in summer 3: drink more water

The weather in early summer is relatively dry, and the water intake of human body every day should reach 2000-2400 ml. And because of the high blood concentration in the morning, it is easy to form thrombus, so drinking more water can not only clean the intestines, but also prevent the fire, which is a very good way of life.

Common sense of health care in summer 4: reasonable diet

Due to the decrease of gastric acid secretion in summer and the excessive amount of water needed, the gastric acid will be diluted and the digestive function of the body will be weak. Therefore, the diet for health preservation in summer should be light, but the meat dishes should not be rejected, and some bean products can be selected. In a word, the diet should be reasonable.

Summer health care tips 5: eat more bitterness

According to traditional Chinese medicine, most bitter vegetables have the function of clearing away heat. Therefore, experts suggest that eating bitter fruits often in summer can play a role in relieving heat, eliminating heat and fatigue, which is a good choice for summer health.