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How to cook fish with pickled vegetables at home? The most authentic way of sauerkraut

Do you like fish with pickled vegetables? There is no appetite in hot summer, so fish with pickled vegetables will definitely eat! Fish with pickled vegetables is a very classic dish. It's spicy and tasty, and the fish slices are smooth and tender. To learn sauerkraut fish, you must return a piece of fish. A piece of fish is a link that many delicious dishes must go through. Pickled fish and boiled fish are not difficult at all. It's just a piece of fish.

Food details

Black fish, a piece of pickle, a teaspoon of white pepper, an egg white, a half of pepper, a piece of green pepper, a piece of dry starch, a piece of edible oil, a piece of salt, two teaspoons of salt

Procedure of sauerkraut

1. Raw materials.

2. Wash the head with fish. Put one kitchen towel on the bottom and one on the top, and use it to process it into two pieces from the back.

3. Dismember the fish. But if you don't buy fish in the supermarket, the fish seller will fix it for you.

4. Wash the fish, slice off the bones and Brisket with the knife tilted, and then clean the fish,

5. Wash the fish head and bones and reserve the blood stain. It's better to wash it several times. It's the key to white fish soup later.

6. Wash the fish meat, put a kitchen towel under it, with the knife inclined 40 degrees, and slice the fish from the tail, with the blade facing the tail. Slice into fish.

7. For a good slice of fish, wash it with a tablespoon of salt and wash it with water repeatedly to make it crystal clear. Be sure to wash the fish into transparent slices. The fish is tasty and fresh.

8. Marinate the fish fillet with salt, white pepper, egg white, half dry starch and three teaspoons, and mix them carefully and repeatedly. Allow to stand for 20 minutes.

9. Saute pickled vegetables with shredded water. Cut the pepper into circles with the pepper. Fish head and skin are ready. Slice ginger.

10. Stir fry chives, ginger and garlic with oil in the pot, then add fish head, fish tail, fish bone, fish skin, etc. for one minute.

11. Add pickles and fry for one minute. Add enough boiled water.

12. Bring to a boil over medium heat for 20 minutes until the fish soup is white. Salt. Scoop out all the ingredients in the soup and spread them on the bottom of the bowl. Each family has different sizes of salt. We must adjust our taste.

13. Heat the fish soup in the pot, put the fish pieces in a little bit, shake the pot, and remove the top fish pieces 7 and put them on the bowl.

14. Pour the filtered fish soup into a bowl.

15. Put the oil in the pot. When the oil is cold, put in the pepper and pepper ring. Light the fire. Pay attention to the pepper. It will turn reddish, yellowish and crisp. Watch and don't overdo it.

16. Remove the pepper and pepper and put them on the fish fillet, and sprinkle the green and red pepper on the fish fillet.

17. Burn the oil in a big fire and smoke. Pour it on the fish fillet. Oil pouring is very important. The finishing touch is to make sure that the oil is hot and there is a continuous smoke. It's delicious with a squeak.