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8 points for attention in eye care

1 wear appropriate glasses

Conduct a vision test to correct any potential vision problems, and discuss with the optometrist to find a pair of glasses with good quality and standard specifications. Choose non reflective lenses to reduce glare and improve overall comfort.

Blink more and gaze less

The lacrimal gland secretes tears to keep the surface of the eyeball moist, which is necessary for the normal operation of the eyeball. Frequent blinking, in addition to moistening the eyes with tears, has a cleaner effect. Therefore, instead of watching the computer screen for a long time, it's better to rest in the middle and blink more.

3 set the computer screen to light green

Looking at green things helps to protect eyesight. People who work with computers for a long time are prone to eye fatigue. Apart from preparing a bottle of artificial tears to prevent their eyes from getting too dry, you can turn the desktop, folder color, browser frame and so on into a light green tone.

Maintain good eating habits

Don't neglect any of your meals. Adequate nutrition can protect and maintain the eye clear. In the daily diet, eat more fruits, nuts, green vegetables and other foods with high vitamin C and E. Vitamin E can protect eye cells from free radicals to avoid damage to healthy tissues, while vitamin C can prevent eye damage in the sun.

5 font size

Font size is a big challenge to vision. Instead of keeping the screen close to your eyes in order to see the font, enlarge the font to make the document easier to read.

6 reduce glare

The lights on the ceiling, neon lights, table lights, and even the light coming in from the window are all the culprits that cause dazzling glare and reflection, which is easy to make the eyes overworked. Consider using a suitable computer screen or reducing the light level to reduce reflections and make the document easy to read.

7 adjust your workspace

Adjust the working space to better protect your eyes. For example, keep a distance of 50-65cm between the seat and the computer screen, and the center of the screen is about 20 degrees below the eye. Or when using the computer to work, avoid facing the unshielded window directly, because the brightness difference between the screen and the back of the computer will make the eyes too tired and uncomfortable.

8 let the eyes rest fully

Let your eyes rest intermittently as much as possible, and look at things at least 6 meters away.