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What can girls eat to relieve dysmenorrhea? What food can girls often eat to avoid dysmenorrhea

Four seas network: speaking of dysmenorrhea, I believe that many men and women are not unfamiliar with it. Dysmenorrhea, commonly known as aunt pain, refers to the following abdominal spasm pain before and after menstruation, but it can also be accompanied by headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal distention and other symptoms. The causes of dysmenorrhea are generally poor blood flow, abnormal uterine position and so on, which affect the normal discharge of menstrual blood. Eating more blood activating and ventilating food is conducive to promoting blood circulation and eliminating stasis, dredging meridians and relieving dysmenorrhea. So what can girl dysmenorrhea eat to alleviate ache effectively? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Don't be afraid of dysmenorrhea. Eat some of these foods every day to warm the palace and expel the cold. Say goodbye to dysmenorrhea

Hongzaoguiyuan soup

Boil water with jujube, red peanuts, longan, hawthorn and wolfberry. Make sure to boil more water until the amount is less and boil it for two times. The effect is obvious but you need to drink it often. It can improve Qi and blood problems and relieve dysmenorrhea.

Angelica is a traditional Chinese medicine that we often see. It is also often used to nourish the Qi and blood of women and treat the symptoms of irregular menstruation. Angelica can well regulate various diseases caused by women's palace cold. It is called the holy medicine for women to nourish the Qi and blood and cure the palace cold.

Hawthorn water

During menstrual period, try to be light. Salty food can easily lead to the increase of salt and water retention in the body. Before menstruation, it is easy to have headache, emotional excitement, temper tantrum and other symptoms. Hawthorn water can also play a role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Women who eat Hawthorn more can eliminate body fat and reduce fat absorption.

There is a high content of vitamin E in the bran shell of black rice. Vitamin E can promote the function of immune system and protect cells from free radical damage. Women can eat more black rice porridge at ordinary times, which can supplement the vitamins needed in the body and also play a role in warming the uterus.

Huai Jiang Gao

Brown sugar is an excellent warm drink for nourishing qi and blood, while huaijiang Xinwen has much more gingerol than ordinary ginger, which naturally has better effect of warming the palace and expelling cold. In addition to medlar, jujube, donkey hide gelatin and honey, the effect of nourishing qi and blood can be imagined. One cup a day can greatly improve the disorder of Qi and blood and relieve dysmenorrhea.


Kiwifruit is rich in chlorophyll, with antioxidant properties, reducing free radicals, reducing wrinkles, whitening skin, promoting the discharge of toxins in the body, and delaying aging. Menstrual period eat a eat, promote the discharge of uterine congestion, for the uterus cold, amenorrhea has a great auxiliary effect.