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What to do if the refrigerator is not refrigerated

Refrigerator failure is the highest frequency in household appliances, especially in summer. If the refrigerator is found not to be refrigerated in summer, it is really annoying. What causes the refrigerator not to be refrigerated? How to solve it? Let's get to know.

The reason why Haier refrigerator doesn't cool

1. If the refrigerator is not cooled, there may be a problem with the refrigerator compressor. The compressor can be started. When the air return pipe is removed and the outlet is blocked with fingers, check the down pressure. If the pressure is too low, there is a problem with the compressor. If the compressor cannot be started, check whether the power supply of Haier refrigerator is properly plugged.

2. Haier refrigerator temperature controller is installed in the cold room. If the temperature of the cold room does not meet the requirements of the temperature controller, it will not shut down. When the temperature controller is damaged, if the compressor does not shut down day and night, the refrigeration chamber may cause the refrigerant limit refrigeration temperature. This reason often occurs in Haier refrigerators. The reason is that the defroster of the evaporator in the refrigeration chamber is damaged, resulting in ice blockage. It is also possible that the air-cooled fan is broken, and too many items in Haier's refrigerator block the air outlet, causing poor cooling effect.

3. The high-pressure output buffer pipe in the compressor is broken, or the screw fixing the pipe is loose, causing the high-pressure pipe not to exhaust and the low-pressure pipe not to inhale, so although the compressor is working, it will not refrigerate.

4. If there is a leak in the refrigeration system, a lot of refrigerant will escape. Even if the compressor can operate, but there is not enough refrigerant in the system to evaporate and absorb heat, the temperature of the refrigerator will not drop.

5. If the capillary tube is blocked, the refrigerant cannot enter the evaporator for evaporation and heat absorption, and the temperature in the refrigerator will not drop.

How to solve the problem of Haier refrigerator not cooling

1. If Haier refrigerator doesn't work, it won't refrigerate. First, check whether the refrigerator is plugged into the socket and whether there is no power in the socket.

2. Check whether the temperature controller of Haier refrigerator is short circuited.

3. When Haier's refrigerator system is found to be lack of refrigerant during maintenance, Haier's refrigerator will not be refrigerated, so fluorine needs to be added.

4. The starter of air conditioning compressor is damaged, which causes Haier's air conditioning to fail to operate normally and will not cool down.

Haier's air conditioner is of good quality, but after long use, any refrigerator may have a little trouble. What's the reason why Haier's refrigerator doesn't refrigerate? How to solve it?

Precautions for Haier refrigerator

1. The food in the refrigerated room should be stored separately, and the food should not be piled too full, and it should flow out of the cold air circulation space, so as to achieve better refrigeration effect; secondly, the food with more moisture should not be stored on the inner wall of the refrigerator, to avoid being frozen on the inner wall, if there is a uniform cold and anti freezing layer of the refrigerator, this phenomenon will not occur.

2. Refrigerators must be placed in ventilated and dry places, not in rooms with high humidity, which is not conducive to the cooling of refrigerators.

3. The refrigerator bought from the store should not be powered on immediately. It should be put on for at least two hours before it can be powered on. Because the refrigerant in the system fluctuates during the transportation process, the immediate use will lead to the instability of the system and shorten the service life.

4. After the refrigerator is powered on, it's better not to cut off the power again, because the refrigerator system needs to run stably; the compressor stops automatically, so you don't need to worry about whether the power consumption increases; however, you must cut off the power when carrying; the refrigerator must be placed on the horizontal ground, otherwise it will increase the noise, and even cause the refrigerator to be abnormal.