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How to effectively prevent radiation eat kelp anti radiation

Kelp belongs to seaweed, kelp itself is rich in trace elements. Eating more kelp is good for people's health. Here are some materials about kelp's radiation resistance. Let's have a look.

according to a new study by Dr. Luo Qiong, Professor of School of public health, Wuhan University, etc., it is found that Laminaria polysaccharide, an extract of Laminaria japonica, has an anti radiation effect due to its inhibition of immune cell apoptosis.

According to the report of Hubei daily, kelp polysaccharide has been studied since it was first extracted from the palmate kelp in 1913.

When cancer patients receive radiotherapy, the side effects of radiation on the immune system of the body have always been a difficult problem to be solved urgently in clinical medicine, and the natural repair of radiation injury in radiotherapy is a long process, it is necessary to give appropriate drug assistance to prevent and promote recovery. At present, most of the radioprotective agents are sulfhydryl compounds with high toxicity. Therefore, it is an important research topic to find and explore the effective components with radioprotective effect from natural products.

Professor Luo Qiong et al. Divided the experimental rats into two groups: General rats group and kelp polysaccharide group, and then through high dose gamma; The results showed that the immune function of the general rats was significantly lower than that of the experimental group, while the experimental group given Laminaria polysaccharide could significantly enhance the anti radiation function, the proliferation of T and B lymphocytes, the proliferation of spleen lymphocytes in the experimental group, and the humoral immune, cellular immune and non-specific immune functions were restored.

Professor Luo Qiong and others showed that Laminaria polysaccharide could significantly inhibit the apoptosis rate of spleen lymphocytes in the experimental group and reduce the apoptosis response of cells, thus protecting the immune function damage caused by radiation, which may be one of the mechanisms of Laminaria Polysaccharide's anti radiation protection of immune function.

Some special substances contained in kelp can prevent thyroid inflammation, cardiovascular disease, liver cirrhosis and other effects, so we can eat kelp in our daily life. The above are some introductions about the anti radiation effect of kelp. We can see that although there is no other obvious effect, there is still anti radiation effect.