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The back story of mobile 2 when will mobile 2 be released "mobile 2" has attracted people's attention since it was filmed. On July 11, mobile 2 was finished in Guilin. When was the film released?

When will mobile 2 be released

On the evening of May 10, Feng Xiaogang's microblog finally exposed the news of the opening of mobile phone 2, as well as the whole lineup. 15 years ago, the original members of mobile phone, Ma GeYou, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan and Fan Wei, all returned!

According to the announcement of the former Film Bureau, the film "mobile phone 2's circle of friends", directed by Feng Xiaogang and written by Liu Zhenyun, was officially approved and put on record by Meila media. Synopsis: 18 years ago, Yan Shouyi was the host of "have one say one" on TV; 18 years later, he became the host of "friends circle" on the website. When Yan Shouyi is in charge of the program, he tells some anecdotes about his friends. In the circle of friends in life, between Yan Shouyi and his friends, there are many funny stories.

In 2003, Feng Xiaogang's "mobile phone" was released, which won 56 million box office and became the box office champion of that year. Among them, Fan Bingbing won the best actress of the 27th popular film Hundred Flowers Award for her role of "Wu Yue", which attracted more and more attention of the film circle.

"Mobile phone 2" is a drama film invested and produced by Huayi Brothers media group and directed by Feng Xiaogang. The film is a sequel of "mobile phone", adapted from Liu Zhenyun's novel "mobile phone".

"Mobile 2", Feng Xiaogang said, "because everyone liked this movie very much at that time. After so many years, the impact of mobile phones on our lives has reached an all pervasive level.". Mobile 2 has something to do with the future. I hope to discuss whether people are the masters of technology or machines, or whether technology and machines dominate human beings. It is not only a comedy but also a 'horror film'. It will make everyone want to watch this movie.

Feng Xiaogang's introduction focused on his Meila film industry. As soon as he came up, Feng Xiaogang announced a big news. He wanted to shoot "mobile 2"! "Mobile phone" or Feng Xiaogang's work in 2003. 13 years later, the importance of mobile phones to people's lives is beyond comparison. Feng Xiaogang joked that "mobile 2" is not only a comedy, but also a horror movie, because he wants to reflect on whether people dominate technology or technology dominates human beings.