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What's the matter with yellow tongue and tooth mark? What should I do if tongue has tooth mark

Sihaiwang: many people will find that their tongue has teeth marks, and yellow and other phenomena. So what's going on? First of all, tooth mark on both sides of the tongue is the sign of heavy moisture. Generally speaking, tooth mark on the edge of the tongue is the sign of spleen deficiency and water dampness. The tooth mark is the result of the tongue being fat and squeezed by teeth. The tongue is fat and moist, and the tooth mark is mostly caused by the Yongsheng of cold and dampness, or the stop of Yang deficiency and water dampness. It is not a disease, but a sub-health state. In serious cases, it will be caused Some common diseases need to be alleviated. People with teeth marks and tongues often have the problem that their stools are not shaped, soft, sticky to the toilet, and unclean. This is also the manifestation of moisture externalization. The fur is yellow and greasy. The mouth is often dry. There are teeth marks on the edge of the tongue. The five hearts are hot. The tongue is red with little fur. The veins are fine. Treatment: Nourishing Yin and reducing fire

There are many kinds of yellow and greasy tongue coating

1. If the tongue is light red and covered with yellow fur, the fur is moist and not dry; the edge is sharp and a little white fur, which is born because of the heat transferred from outside to inside and enters the stomach of Yangming. Main disease, heat into Yangming syndrome, Qi dampness and heat syndrome, hepatobiliary disease and urinary tract infection, a variety of fever diseases. It is suitable to treat heat clearing and detoxification, dredge the exterior and interior.

2. If the red tongue, yellow greasy moss, medium thick and thin edge, close and delicate, especially the root, it is mostly due to hot phlegm, or damp evil into the heat, or warm evil knot in the gastrointestinal tract, but not to Yang Ming dry solid.

3. If the tongue color is dark red, it is also a time of severe Ying heat; main disease; heat and phlegm combined, moderate heat and dampness; gastrointestinal food. It is suitable to clear away heat and dampness, and to wash away and guide stagnation.

4. If the purple tongue, gray yellow thick moss, and the moss are moist but not dry, it is a time when the heat and cold are mixed, the heat turns from cold, or the cold turns from heat. Because the heat disease is not cured, the heart Yang is plummeting, the phlegm is stopped and the drink is not cured for a long time, and the external evils are felt, and the internal heat is changed; in the hot summer, the cold and cold are eaten freely, and the cholera is produced; the Yin is abundant in the internal, and the heat is forced to float upward; there is blood stasis in the vegetable body, and the pathogenic heat is changed; Therefore, the main disease is true cold and summer heat, heart and kidney yang failure, cholera diarrhea, asthma and other syndromes. It is suitable to warm heart and kidney, return Yang and save Ying, clear heat and turn pool, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

5. If the purple tongue is dark, yellow and greasy, the tongue body is fat, and the surface of the tongue is covered with yellow fur. There is white fur, the middle root is thick, and the color is yellow and thick. Its formation can be caused by Yin Syndrome, central food, phlegm dampness and internal depression, stagnation of cold evil, middle coke, Qi and blood stagnation due to wet food, and the syndrome of damp heat and gastrointestinal dregs. It is suitable for warming Yang, strengthening spleen, promoting blood circulation and eliminating accumulation.

This kind of tongue picture patient's general condition is more complex, the treatment should be according to the syndrome differentiation. There is a thin layer of white and moist coating on the back of the normal tongue, which is called tongue coating. The tongue coating is thick and greasy with phlegm heat, food accumulation or damp heat. The tongue coating is yellow, smooth and moist, showing Yang deficiency.