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What's the cause of tongue whitening? What's the conditioning for tongue whitening busy work and life will cause many people's body to suffer from the disorder of internal secretion, which may lead to the phenomenon of tongue whitening. Tongue whitening may be caused by heat or dyspepsia, or other diseases of the body. Then, what is the cause of tongue hair whitening? What's the fast way to eat tongue whitening? Let's look at it with Xiaobian Let's see~

What is the cause of tongue whiteness?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, tongue whitening means that there is cold in the body. Not only usually eating cold drinks will cause cold in the body, sometimes cold and so on will make the body suffer from cold damage.

Because modern people like to eat frozen food very much. As a result, the body is too cold and the tongue coating is white.

If not only the tongue is white, but also it looks reflective, it means that there is not only cold, but also moisture in the body, and it is very serious. Such people will also be accompanied by phlegm, edema. When this kind of phenomenon appears, we should never drink iced drinks or eat raw and cold food again. Only by eating more warm food and reducing the cold and humidity in the body, will the edema and the whiteness of tongue coating gradually improve.

If the tongue coating is dry and white, it means that there is not only cold in the body, but also hot and dry. At this time, first of all, we need to find out the reason for the body suffering from cold. At this time, it is just not suitable to eat spicy and warm food, otherwise, it will increase the hot and dry.

What does tongue whiten eat fast?

I want to fundamentally solve the problem of tongue whitening caused by body dampness. We should reduce the intake of meat and fat and replace red meat such as pork and mutton with fish and chicken, which are easy to digest. In addition, eat more fruits and vegetables. For example, celery, rape, these crude fiber food, is conducive to gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion!

In addition, to eat more spleen food. Spleen stomach incompatibility is often the direct cause of thick tongue coating. At this time, you can choose the food to strengthen the spleen. For example, apple in fruit has a very good effect of invigorating the spleen, invigorating qi and benefiting the stomach. There are vegetables in spinach, pumpkin, carrots and other tonic spleen and stomach are also very good. You can make these vegetables and fruits that are good for your health into medicinal meals, which can be used for spleen strengthening and dehumidification at ordinary times!