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When will Typhoon No. 8, 2018 land in the super historical record of typhoon Maria in recent days, there have been frequent heavy rainfall in various regions of the country, and the terrible typhoon has followed. So when will typhoon 'Maria' land this year?

The landing of typhoon Maria is far beyond the historical record. This year's No. 8 typhoon "Maria" has landed in the coastal area of Huangqi Peninsula, Lianjiang, Fujian Province around 9:10 on July 11. The maximum wind force near the center of the landing was 14 levels. Malia, the eighth strong typhoon, is the strongest typhoon to land in Fujian in July since the meteorological records.

According to the central meteorological station, the 8th typhoon "Maria" landed on the coast of Huangqi Peninsula in Lianjiang, Fujian Province, with the maximum wind force of 14 levels near the center. Malia, typhoon 8, is the strongest typhoon to land in Fujian Province in July. This will also be the second typhoon to land in China this year after typhoon 'ayouni'. Affected by typhoon, the coastal areas of Fujian Province are experiencing violent wind and rainstorm, and Jiangxi, southern Zhejiang and other areas are also beginning to be affected.

Maria's landing in Fujian is far beyond the historical record

After the landing of the eighth strong typhoon Maria, it will continue to move to the northwest, and the intensity will gradually weaken. Meteorological experts remind that as "Maria" lands with "first-hand typhoon" with strong intensity, strong wind force and fast moving speed, special attention should be paid to prevent the impact of heavy winds and waves.