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What are the benefits of eating chili? What should we pay attention to when eating chili

Pepper can effectively help us to achieve the effect of sterilization and inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria in our body. However, if a friend with allergic constitution eats chili, it may cause us to have acne. Summarize the benefits of eating chili, and what should we pay attention to when eating chili

capsicum can reduce the discomfort of cold

For thousands of years, spicy food has been thought to be able to get rid of phlegm, and now it seems to be the same. Spicy food can dilute the secretion of mucus and help expectoration, so as not to hinder the respiratory tract. Professor Evan Ziman of the University of California even said: "many cold and cough medicines sold in pharmacies have exactly the same effect as pepper, but I think it's better to eat pepper because it has no side effects at all.". "Pepper can relieve pain

Capsicum has been used to relieve pain since ancient times, but scientists have only recently known that capsaicin can stimulate and deplete neurotransmitter substance P, which can transmit pain information to the nervous system. Through the analgesic principle of capsaicin, capsicum cream has been used to express the pain of banded bleb rash, trigeminal neuralgia and so on.

Hot pepper makes skin red

When capsaicin is applied to the skin, it will expand the microvasculature, promote circulation, and make the skin red and hot. At present, manufacturers have used this principle to put capsaicin into socks, which are called "Pepper socks" for heating in winter.

Capsicum can prevent cancer

According to epidemiological studies, many spicy people, such as Southeast Asia and India, are less likely to suffer from cancer than western countries. Scientists speculate that these spicy foods contain many antioxidants, which are directly related to chronic diseases, cancer and aging. Recently, a study by the University of Hawaii in the United States also pointed out that carotenoids in vegetables such as peppers and carrots can stimulate genes that transmit information between cells, because when organs become cancerous, the system of information exchange between cells will fail), which may play an important role in cancer prevention. Eating a small amount of pepper is very good for us. It can effectively help us kill the bacteria in our body. At the same time, don't eat too much pepper blindly. Otherwise, it may cause damage to our own skin, reduce our own appearance image, and cause acne.