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What is the mysterious turtle in the pool? Is it a national protected animal Recently, a giant turtle has been found in the release pond of a temple in Fujian Province. Turtle is one of the turtle types. Because of being excessively rotted, caught and killed, it belongs to the first-class protected animals in my life. The turtle found this time is more than one meter long, which is very rare!

Turtle pronunciation: [Yu & Aacute; n] is a genus of turtle family, characterized by large size and weight up to 100 kg. There are three species of this genus, two of which live in New Guinea, the other in Asia. Because of over killing, it is extremely endangered, belonging to the world's endangered protected animals (CITES Appendix II) and China's state-level key protected wildlife.

On August 7, 2017, a giant turtle appeared in the release pool of Chengtian temple, Quanzhou, Fujian Province. It was more than 1 meter long and 60 cm wide. Its head was thick and thin enough to be the size of two fists.

For a long time, the legend of turtle king in Chengtian temple's release pool has been circulating among the people. Five days ago, Chengtian Temple released the pond eight years later for dredging again. The turtle king in the public's mouth finally unveiled its mystery today. It is reported that the so-called turtle king is actually a giant turtle.

Mr. Xiao, who participated in the dredging work, said: 'there are several giant turtles at the bottom of the pond, but they are not as big as the one picked up in the morning. 'according to the hammer master of Chengtian Temple Prison, the giant turtle weighed 98 Jin at the time of dredging in the last release pond, but it was eight years ago. According to the calculation, the giant turtle now weighs more than 100 Jin.

According to a citizen at the scene: 'it's said that in 2003, a pilgrim was released here. But at present, there is no way to determine the authenticity of this statement. 'the picture shows a small tortoise with a big palm' naughty 'climbing on the back of the giant tortoise. The huge body gap is clear at a glance.