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The function of toad

Toad, as we often say, is also widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is a kind of treatment drug that many people will choose in recent years. Compared with western medicine, the side effects of treatment are small, and many of them are mainly diet therapy, so there is no harm to the body. Toad is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, so how to use toad for treatment? What are the functions of toad?

The effect of toad

[alias] frog, red bellied pheasant, clam, pheasant, snow frog, toad, bar pull frog.

[source] it is the whole body of the Chinese forest frog or Heilongjiang forest frog that has been eviscerated. Capture around the White Dew Festival. After catching male frogs, cut into the abdomen to clean the internal organs, hang them up for air drying or sun drying; if catching female frogs, take out the oviduct (see toad oil stick), then remove other internal organs, and then sun dry them.

[original form] ① Rana chensinensis

[habitat distribution] in Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other places.

[character] the dry toad is stiff, with purple brown spots, yellow white abdomen, reddish tinge, empty abdomen, and light red abdomen of hind limbs. The meat is dry, relaxed and smelly. It is better to have a large body, a yellow red belly and a dry body.

[chemical composition] Rana chensinensis contains ranacol, which is a kind of bile alcohol. The content of adenosine triphosphate in gastrocnemius muscle is 240 mg%, 150 mg%, 40 mg% and 20 mg%, respectively.

[sexual taste] salty, cool, nontoxic.

[channel tropism] into the lung and kidney.

[function indications] nourishing the lung and nourishing the kidney. Treat asthenia, fatigue and cough.

[usage and dosage] oral: stew, 1-3.

[note] do not use phlegm, damp cough or loose stool. (under sexual taste, Sichuan Traditional Chinese medicine records)

[excerpt] Dictionary of

[source] from "new ginseng of decoction pieces"

The above is the introduction about the efficacy of toad. It can be seen that toad has a very good effect on the treatment of fatigue cough. Therefore, when the tuberculosis cough is serious, we will have the food therapy of toad under the guidance of the doctor, which has a very good effect on moistening the lungs and Nourishing Yin. However, if the phlegm is wet, it is better not to eat toad.