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How many good habits should you stick to at night?

there are many habits in life. It's very important to keep fit. For women who love beauty, we should adhere to several very good habits to maintain a perfect figure and increase the charm of the opposite sex. Let's study this article together with Xiaobian. Let's stick to some good habits at night. 1. In the evening, you should stick to your feet. Busy work every day will cause nerve fatigue, adhere to hard work, more feet, can promote blood circulation. 2. Stick to moisturizer. Moisturizing cream can protect the skin, do skin care every night, and choose sleep mask at night, so that the skin is more moist and can relieve the pressure. 3. Friends who often work near the computer can apply eye cream. Eye cream can make the skin more relaxed. Especially often with eyes, eyes will feel tired, you can apply some eye cream. 4. Don't eat too much at night. Often eat some big fish and meat, the body is easy to be fat at night. It's easy to have a bad rest and sleep when you eat too much at night. 5. Stand against the wall for about 10 minutes at night. There is no time for exercise at ordinary work. Standing on the wall at night for about 10 minutes can have a good effect on the body. Usually, sitting in the daytime for a long time is better than standing at night.