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What is worth doing and should be tried in college?

it's also a knowledge to study in University. Today, I'd like to share some things worth doing while studying in University.

First, we must fully understand the human geography of our city.

Specifically, it includes history, food, geographical features, architectural features and tourist attractions. And try it all. We need to know more about our school~

Second: make sure you have more bubbles in the library.

If you don't read hundreds of useful books, you're sorry for the place. Books can not only pass our leisure time, but also improve our ideological realm. So be sure to read. Please refer to Douban score. The world's classics must not be missed. Professional books and interest books are available.

Third: clean yourself up

Since reading is to improve the internal, the external also needs to change. Learn to make up. Study how to dress. Wear suitable clothes, lose weight and change hair style depending on the situation. Sometimes the best self is constantly changing.

Fourth: insist on learning.

This includes knowledge skills as well as life skills. But whatever is useful can be learned. Swimming, cooking, guitar and so on.

Fifth, do part-time work.

This is mainly for exercise. Of course, early contact with the society is also very helpful for our future development.

Sixth: keep exercising.

Good health, can do other. So we must insist on reading and exercise.

matters needing attention

Don't stay in the dormitory all the time

More activities, more walks