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What food can you eat more to improve your teeth?

Nowadays, many people will have yellow teeth. If it is serious, it is likely to have cavities and other conditions, so that people can't laugh loudly in front of people. In fact, if you want to improve this situation, you should not only brush your teeth frequently, but also eat more food to improve it. So what foods can we eat more in our daily life to improve this situation? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

1. Green tea, I believe that everyone is familiar with green tea. If you want to improve your teeth, you may as well drink some green tea appropriately, so as to avoid tooth decay. In addition, green tea contains some ingredients, which can eliminate bad breath and prevent other diseases of your teeth.

2. Peppermint, because there is a special compound in peppermint, this component is enough to improve the phenomenon of halitosis. If there is usually halitosis, it is recommended to eat peppermint properly, so that the breath will become more and more fresh, and you don't need to worry about the halitosis to bring great trouble to yourself.

3. Celery, in daily life, many people may prefer to eat celery. The taste is really good. If you want to improve your teeth, it is recommended to eat more celery at ordinary times, so that you can clean your teeth and avoid tooth decay. In addition, celery is rich in crude fiber, which is enough to remove all the remaining substances on your teeth.

4. Lentinus edodes can be improved by eating Lentinus edodes properly in daily life if there is dental plaque on the teeth, mainly because there is polysaccharide in Lentinus edodes, so as to improve the situation of dental plaque. If we persist for a long time, we will have unexpected effect.

5. Onion, in order to improve the phenomenon of teeth, in fact, you can eat some onions properly at ordinary times. Because of the ingredients in onion, it can play an antibacterial effect. In addition, it can kill the Streptococcus in the teeth, and finally make the teeth more and more healthy.

6. Sea fish, want to make the teeth better and better, it is recommended to eat some sea fish properly at ordinary times, so as to make the teeth stronger. Mainly because there is fluorine in the sea fish, the effect is very significant, but it should be noted that the sea fish should not be too much, so as not to have a negative effect.