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How to pay attention to diet during Meiyu season in 2018

Meiyu is a unique weather and climate phenomenon in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in early summer. It is the result of stagnation in the Yangtze River Basin during the northward movement of the main rain belt in the eastern part of China. The end of Meiyu brings about the arrival of midsummer. However, the annual plum rain is not completely the same, there is a great interannual change.

In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China, the climate phenomenon of continuous overcast and rainy days occurs in June and July every year. Because it is the mature period of plum in the south of the Yangtze River, it is called "plum rain". At this time, it is called "plum rain season". In Meiyu season, the air humidity is high, the temperature is high, and the clothes are easy to get moldy, so some people call Meiyu the homonymous' mould rain '. After the rainy plum rains, the weather began to be dominated by the Pacific subtropical high, officially entering the hot summer.

The time of entering the plum in 2018 is: June 13 of the Gregorian calendar, April 30 of the lunar calendar,

The time of plum blossom in 2018 is July 14 of the Gregorian calendar and the second day of June of the lunar calendar.

Meiyu season diet considerations?

Because the humid and hot weather in Meiyu season is conducive to the reproduction and growth of molds and bacteria, the food is prone to moldy deterioration. If people eat spoiled food, it will cause diarrhea, vomiting and even food poisoning. Therefore, first of all, we must guard against the entry of diseases from the mouth.

In Meiyu season, pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked food, avoid cross infection, and return to the pot for heating overnight meals. The food in the refrigerator should not be stored for too long, and do not eat at the stall casually. If you have acute gastrointestinal disease, you should go to the hospital in time.

During the journey, if you feel that your stomach is uncomfortable or the food is not fresh after eating, you can drink some vegetable soup or boiled water properly, or take a small amount of antibiotics, such as Berberine Tablets, to play a preventive role. The fruit must be washed and disinfected. For the seasonal fresh fruits such as Bayberry and peach, they should be eaten properly. They should not overeat. They should eat as little or no frozen items as possible.

In rainy days, you can eat more spleen nourishing and moistening food. Patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction should pay special attention to diet, eat more easily digestible food, such as porridge, vegetables and bean products, and try to avoid indigestible raw and cold food, meat and greasy food. There are many medicine food dual-purpose foods, such as yam, lentil, adzuki bean, coix seed and so on, which can be used properly.