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How to install the faucet of washing machine

There are many brands and types of washing machines on the market, so the accessories must match to be installed. If you want to install the washing machine you bought, you should be ready to install the equipment. The faucet installed by the water inlet pipe must match the water inlet pipe. How to install it? Take a look at the installation instructions.

How to install the faucet of washing machine

1. Replace the self-made faucet with a special faucet for washing machine, and tighten it directly. If it is too small, add some special tape for water pipe at the screw mouth.

2. If the ordinary faucet is used: the length of the water inlet pipe of the washing machine is generally about 1 m. One end is connected with the washing machine and the other end is connected with the faucet. The connection with the washing machine is relatively simple. Put the water inlet pipe connecting seat vertically on the water inlet valve port and screw it clockwise. The first step is to hold the connector with four screws in one hand, press the retaining ring of the water inlet pipe in the other hand and pull it down to separate the connector from the water inlet pipe; Step 2: after confirming whether the white plastic guide sleeve and black rubber pad in the connection head are in good condition (if the pipe diameter of the faucet is too thick, the plastic guide sleeve can be removed), loosen the four screws on the connection head, and rotate the upper and lower connection heads to leave a gap of 3-4 threads; step 3: connect the connection head horizontally to the faucet, and tighten the four screws loosened; Step 4: screw up the connection head of 3-4 threads reserved in advance until it is watertight.

If you buy a full-automatic washing machine, you don't need to close it after it is opened, plus a certain amount of water pressure, so there must be no water leakage. It's better to choose the tap with thread. After tightening, there will be no problem. However, if it is an ordinary double cylinder washing machine, because there is no pressure, it can be turned on as you use it when you wash clothes. You can choose a common faucet.

How to deal with the leakage of washing machine faucet

If there is water leakage at the faucet joint, the cause of water leakage is generally caused by the damage of the waterstop tape of the faucet part (fixed screw). So as long as you take off the faucet with plate pliers, and roll the new waterstop tape on the place where the screws are fixed,

1. First of all, fasten the faucet, and use plate pliers to turn the faucet anticlockwise to remove it.

2. Turn the threaded hole outward, and use the wind seal tape to roll it clockwise for 5-6 times at the threaded part.

3. Check whether the faucet is properly adjusted and connected with the water bolt plate pliers in the clock direction.

4. After installation, turn on the main switch to see if the washing machine will leak.

After buying the washing machine, the first thing to do is to install the washing machine. Connect the water inlet pipe of the washing machine to the washing machine and the faucet. How to install it?

Can ordinary faucet connect to washing machine

Depending on the situation, it depends on whether the water inlet pipe provided by the merchant can match the ordinary faucet, some of which are not allowed. Because the water inlet pipe of the washing machine should be perfectly connected with the faucet. If the ordinary faucet can't fit the water inlet pipe of the washing machine with the faucet, the problem of water leakage will occur, and the size is not necessarily appropriate. It is recommended to use the special faucet of the washing machine when installing the washing machine, which is sold in the stores or hardware stores of general household appliances.