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What are the functions and effects of Saffron? What are the dietary taboos of Saffron

Sihaiwang: Saffron has many effects, it is used for the treatment of stomach disease, regulating menstruation, measles, fever, yellow gall, hepatosplenomegaly, etc. Like by many people, what are the ways to eat Saffron? What are the dietary taboos of Saffron? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What are the ways to eat saffron

1. The general way to eat is to take 5-8 pieces of water to drink each time, and stop drinking for one day in three days or once every other day. Six to eight filaments are used every day to drink 3 or 4 cups of water, which is used for prevention and health care. It can play a very good role in beauty and health care. Such a small amount of long-term use, with mild drug resistance, has a very good effect, but the most important thing is persistence.

2. Use alone: you can take it directly by boiling, or you can brew saffron in boiling water for 4 times, and you can take it every day after half a month.

3. How to make saffron rice: first wash the rice, add 3-5 saffron, 3-5 kadans, proper amount of water, and then add fried cashew nuts, cheese, salt and coconut to mix,

4. The way of medicine is according to the doctor's order, needless to say (the dosage is generally 3-9g).

Then let's learn about the taboo of saffron eating

1. Although saffron is a good medicine, its side effects can not be ignored. If people who don't have stasis of Qi and blood take this medicine all day long, it may lead to the occurrence of blood breaking (that is, the skin is prone to bleeding).

2. Saffron also has a role in promoting abortion, so pregnant women and women who want to have babies can't take saffron. Saffron has a long history as a folk abortion medicine. However, it can be used to replenish blood after childbirth.

3. In addition, every time taking saffron, it is better to be within 10 grams, because there is an example record, because saffron has a strong excitatory effect on the nervous system, so some people take a large number of saffron, resulting in dizziness and other diseases due to excessive excitation, and more sensitive people have allergic urticaria and rash.

4. Saffron counterfeiting is serious. Eating fake saffron, not only has no effect, but also may cause other serious consequences! To buy saffron, buy saffron online, it is suggested to choose 'Tibet Mall' or 'Tibet Shantang'! To buy offline, it is suggested to choose Tongrentang and other brand pharmacies, rather than private pharmacies.

Finally, let's understand the function of saffron

It is mainly used for promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, calming nerves, nourishing blood, and treating depression abroad. However, traditional Chinese medicine is mainly used to treat cardiovascular diseases, mainly using saffron which can slow down blood coagulation and promote blood circulation. But this one has side effects, so when you eat it, you should follow the doctor's instructions.