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How to add lubricating oil to electric fan it's hot in summer. Many people will choose to use electric fans to cool down and relieve the heat. The electric fans at home will slow down after long-term use, which is likely to be lack of lubricating oil. How to lubricate the electric fan? Let's have a look.

How to add lubricating oil to electric fan

1. Pull out the power plug of the electric fan, and then put the fan on the ground in reverse. Use a large cross screwdriver to screw out the screws on the back of the fan.

2. Use a spanner or a pair of tongs to screw out the tired mother behind the blades and take out the blades.

3. Screw out the four port screws of the motor fixed on the fan frame and take out the motor.

4. After taking out the motor, there is a small cover behind it. Use a small slotted screwdriver to gently pick it out.

5. After the small cover is picked out, there is a circular sponge inside. Then, dribble the car oil and fill it up.

6. Then, fix the motor with the left hand, rotate the rotor of the motor with the right hand back and forth, and wash away the blocked rust and dust; after that, use a paper towel to absorb the oil containing rust, and then drip a few coats of car oil.

7. After filling up the oil, close the small white cover gently.

8. Put the electromechanical device into the fan frame. The side with the shaft faces up. Dribble in the car oil. Similarly, rotate the rotor back and forth with the handle to wash away the rust and dust. Then use a paper towel to absorb the rust oil, and then add clean car oil.

9. After step 8. Fix the motor and screw in the screws.

10. After fixing the motor. Then, install the fan blades. Then, install the back cover and screw in.

11. Finally, put the fan in the right position, turn on the power supply and turn on the fan power switch. At this time, the fan works normally. The wind in the first gear is definitely much stronger than before. Third gear, let alone!

Precautions for adding lubricating oil to electric fan

1. When you buckle the back cover, do not block the wire at the screw inlet, let alone expose or expose the wire inside. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous.

2. When your fan is dirty, add a little washing powder with clean water, clean the blades and covers once, and then dry them in a ventilated place. Or dry them with a dry cloth. If it can't be washed, install it directly with cover and water. Otherwise, it will leak electricity. Safety measures must be taken!