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Frequently asked questions about women's menstruation the most helpless thing for a girl is the visit of her aunt every month. There are many taboos during the visit of her aunt. It's just like sitting on the moon. Let's see the precautions for her visit.

1: Don't take a cold bath

In summer, it's very hard to come to my aunt. It's very comfortable to take a cold bath in the hot summer, but you can't take a cold bath when you come to my aunt. Taking a cold bath can lead to abnormal holidays, and may lead to more or less menstruation. After washing, there will be abdominal pain, so cold bath is not advisable.

2: Don't eat spicy food

Hot food is really easier to eat than light food. When aunt comes, the diet should be light. You can't eat spicy food recklessly any more, because the body is in a special period now. Do not over stimulate it, if you still eat spicy, you will have dysmenorrhea.

Maybe if you don't feel pain this time, your aunt will react next time. Although eating spicy food is good for your health, you can eat it during the scoring period. Don't eat when you can't, to avoid bigger problems in the future.

3: Don't exercise hard

There is always a strange phenomenon that some people are very lazy to exercise. But some people are different. They have to exercise every day. Girls do not want to lose weight, in menstruation to exercise.

Maybe you are really thin down, but there is a problem of irregular menstruation. Intense exercise can lead to poor excretion, so don't run or play badminton. It's OK to take a proper walk or walk slowly.

4: Not having sex

During menstruation, the cervix is in a slightly open state. During menstrual intercourse, it is easy to bring the bacteria around the vulva and perineum into the vagina, cervix and even into the uterus, causing endometritis or acute appendicitis (including fallopian tube and ovary) and pelvic peritonitis. In addition, menstrual intercourse may also lead to the loss of endometrial countercurrent into the pelvic cavity causing endometriosis. All of the above diseases may cause menstrual blood volume increase, menstrual extension, dysmenorrhea and other consequences.

5: Don't beat your waist, don't pull out your teeth

Many girls will have back pain during their menstrual period, and often beat them habitually to relieve their symptoms. The vibration stimulation caused by pounding the waist during menstruation is not conducive to the repair of endometrium, but also causes further congestion of the pelvic cavity and acceleration of blood flow, resulting in increased menstruation, resulting in excessive menstruation or prolonged menstruation. If there is still pain in the back after menstruation, there may be pelvic inflammation, cervicitis and other gynaecological diseases, it is recommended to see a doctor for diagnosis.

It is not suitable to extract teeth during menstruation. In order to let the blood flow out smoothly, the number of platelets in the female body will decrease, so the blood coagulation is lower than usual. At this time, tooth extraction will cause more bleeding, easy to cause infection, but also lead to wound healing and other problems.

6: No tights

If you wear tight pants during menstruation, the capillaries of relevant parts will be compressed, which will affect the blood microcirculation and cause local edema. In addition, tight pants will also increase perineum friction, easy to cause perineum inflammation. It is suggested to wear cotton underpants with good air permeability and strong moisture absorption during menstruation and try to dress loose.

7: Don't sing loudly

Due to the influence of endocrine, many girls will be in a bad mood during menstruation, some women may choose to sing K to vent. However, it is not suitable to sing loudly in menstrual period, because singing during menstrual period can easily lead to capillary congestion and edema of vocal cord, brittle vocal cord, rupture of capillary of vocal cord, resulting in hoarseness or even loss of voice.