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Nutritional value of Durian Durian is not new to us, but there are few people who like durian. In fact, durian has a high nutritional value, especially the gold pillow durian, which has a small core, a lot of meat and a delicious taste?

Durian is evergreen and belongs to kapok family. Durian is also known as Shaozi and civet fruit. Durian leaves are long and round, with a sharp tip, cymes, light yellow flowers, football sized fruits, solid peel and dense triangular thorns. Therefore, Taiwan is commonly known as the 'Golden Pillow'. The flesh of durian is composed of the meat package of false testa. The flesh is light yellow, sticky and juicy. When eating durian for the first time, the abnormal smell can make many people 'flinch'. However, many people will be attracted by the special aftertaste and quality of durian since they eat it for the first time. Originated in Malaysia, Guangdong and Hainan of China, it is one of the famous tropical fruits.

One durian and three chickens are popular among the people, which means that they have high nutritional value. Durian body is treasure, its shell boiling bone soup is a good tonic, it is said that the nutritional value and medicinal value of its fruit core is very good, and it is regarded as treasure by the people of origin. Some senior officials take durian as a noble gift when they visit abroad. Thailand once had such a folk saying: 'durian out, sand cage off'. It means that girls would rather take off their skirts and sell them than have a good meal of durian.

Durian's flesh is soft and sweet. It tastes like ice cream. Durian pulp contains 11% starch, 13% sugar, 3% protein, and many kinds of vitamins. It is rich in nutrition. Durian is used to nourish the body of Thai people and women after their illness. Local people regard it as the 'tropical fruit king'.

Durian is rich in protein and lipid, which has a good nourishing effect on the body and is a good source of fruit nutrition. Of course, durian has a special smell, and people have a lot of controversy about its taste: people who like durian praise it as smooth as cream, with fragrance on their teeth and cheeks. Those who do not like durian, only smell the unpleasant smell of rotten onion, and then avoid it. In fact, the smell of durian has the effect of appetizing and promoting appetite, and the dietary fiber can also promote intestinal peristalsis.

The above content introduces the related knowledge of durian, as well as the various nutritional values of gold pillow durian. In fact, the gold pillow is durian, and we only mentioned durian in our introduction. In fact, it is the same with the nutritional value of gold pillow durian. When you choose durian, you must choose it well to avoid that the meat is hard. Such durian is not delicious.