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How to protect the eyes of office workers?

looking forward, today's office workers are just like computer workers. Whoever doesn't have a computer on his desk means that he is either cleaning or cleaning. Office workers face computers all day long, so it's easy to be dizzy, so as office workers for their own health, we must master certain eye care skills.

First, sit correctly. The correct sitting position will protect the eyes.

Second, don't stare at the computer screen for a long time. Work is important, but the maintenance of eyes should not be underestimated. You can work for an hour or so, then get up and exercise, give your eyes a chance to rest, go to pick up a glass of water or go to the window to have a look. Of course, you can also keep your eyes closed for 10 minutes to relieve the pressure on your eyes.

Third, supplement vitamins and protein in time. Vitamins and proteins have a protective effect on the eyes. Excessive use of the eyes can also be said to be the lack of vitamins and proteins. Therefore, eat more fruits rich in vitamins, such as apples, oranges or carrots.

Fourth, the brightness of the computer screen should be adjusted in time. Adjust the brightness of the computer screen according to the indoor and outdoor light. If the light is too strong, pay attention to blocking, and don't let the screen have a chance to reflect to people's eyes. Of course, if the light is too dark, be sure to turn up the brightness of the screen. All the adjustments are based on the comfort of your eyes.

Fifth, do more eye exercises, such as eye exercises. Eye care exercise is a kind of eye care exercise in the student's time, but it is also suitable for office workers. Eye health exercise can not only relieve the pressure of using eyes, but also make people's brain have a temporary rest to relieve the pressure of brain's eye channel.

The eye is our window, only the window accepts many things, we can better life, so love it to protect it!