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What is the health benefit of eating scallion? What are the functions of scallion

Usually I always eat some leeks, but few people know the specific nutrition of leeks. Let's take a look at the benefits of eating leeks with Xiaobian

1. Invigorating yang

As the saying goes, "one onion, ten minutes" the pungent taste of green onion comes from organic sulfur. Especially, the green onion contains a lot of allicin, which not only produces a pungent smell, but also stimulates the secretion of adrenaline. Many people like to eat green onion to strengthen their Yang.

2. Antibacterial, antiviral

Allicin contained in onion can resist bacteria and virus, especially Shigella and fungi. Scallion can also strengthen the spleen and appetizer, and increase appetite. 3, cancer prevention

According to scientists' research, the pectin contained in Scallion can significantly reduce the occurrence of colon cancer and has anti-cancer effect. Allicin in Scallion can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells

4. Sweating fitness

Onion can stimulate the sweat glands of the body to sweat and dissipate heat; onion oil can stimulate the upper respiratory tract, making mucus sputum easy to cough up. There are a lot of dirty things in the human body, most of which are discharged from the sweat. Sweating is conducive to the detoxification of the body, and the benefits to the body are self-evident.

5. Scallion, rich in vitamin C, can relax small blood vessels, promote blood circulation, prevent dizziness caused by high blood pressure, keep brain flexible, and prevent Alzheimer's disease. The volatile oil and capsaicin of scallion can dispel the peculiar smell in the greasy dishes, such as houttuynous mutton, and produce special fragrance. If they are eaten together with mushrooms, they can also play a role in promoting blood circulation.