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Shanghai a hotel bathroom glass burst girl by glass slag cut toughened glass why burst?

On July 30, Yingying, a 15-year-old girl who came to Shanghai for a tour, was bathing in a hotel in Shanghai when the toughened glass door of the bathroom suddenly exploded, leaving more than 20 wounds on her body. I believe that many people have such a question, why does the tempered glass in the hotel explode? How to prevent the explosion of tempered glass when staying in the hotel?

At about 9:00 a.m. on July 30, Yingying, a 15-year-old girl who came to Shanghai for tourism, was bathing in Novotel Hotel, the God of the sea, when the toughened glass door of the bathroom "crashed" suddenly cracked and the glass debris fell on Yingying.

Yingying's mother said that when she opened the bathroom door, she found her daughter standing barefoot in a pile of broken glass debris, covered with blood. 'her little face was white, her left hand was still stiff, and she held the door handle in her hand'.

After hospital inspection, the glass burst left more than 20 wounds on Yingying, including '4 stitches on the shoulder'.

Shock: the glass in the bathroom of the hotel burst, and her daughter was covered with blood

Yingying, 15, who just finished her mid-term exam, has always dreamed of playing in Shanghai Disneyland. I can't stand my daughter's pleading. My parents take advantage of their weekends to take her to Shanghai for a tour. On July 29, Yingda and yingma played with their daughter all day. Although very tired, but think of to let her daughter in the tense high school life, realize their small wish, British father, British mother think, everything is worth it.

However, just as the British family was about to leave Shanghai and report to a high school in Qingdao, where they were going to study, the accident suddenly happened.

'at about 9 o'clock that morning, we were going to leave the hotel to take the high-speed rail. Because it's hot, I plan to take a bath before I leave. 'Ying Ma recalled that almost 20 minutes after entering the bathroom, Ying Ying heard a sudden crash in the toilet, followed by a trembling cry, and Ying Ying was shouting' mom! '.

Yingma opened the door and was immediately shocked by the sight. The naked daughter stood in a pile of small pieces of glass, covered with blood.

Why does toughened glass explode?

One is the reason for the quality of glass, that is, the usual meaning of "self explosion". In the production process of some glasses, a small amount of impurities (mainly nickel sulfide particles) are mixed in the raw materials. Under the effect of temperature change, impurities expand, and generate stress in the interior of the glass, resulting in self explosion.

Second, improper use of glass. The corner is the weak point of toughened glass. In the process of use, if the corner of toughened glass is hit, it is easy to cause glass burst. If the edges of toughened glass have been 'injured' before, toughened glass is also very easy to crack. In addition, public places such as hotels can post warning signs in conspicuous places to remind the key points of using glass doors.

Third, improper installation of glass. In the actual installation, the toughened glass needs to be fixed by hard contact. If the fixation method is improper, for example, the expansion coefficient of the fixed material is quite different from that of the glass, or no reserved space, edge protection and other measures are taken, it is easy to cause the glass to burst.

Hotel toughened glass burst frequently, how to prevent?

In recent years, the news of the injuries caused by the explosion of toughened glass has been seen in the newspapers, many of which happened in hotels.

According to media reports, on July 7 this year, a female guest surnamed Wu from Xige Garden Hotel in Xiamen opened the bathroom door, and the whole glass broke suddenly, resulting in incomplete rupture of the middle finger tendon; on November 30, 2016, when Ms. Qin took a bath in a hotel in Shijing, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, the tempered glass door of the bathroom broke suddenly, hitting the back of her left foot, resulting in tendon rupture; in 2016 On October 4, when Mr. Qi's 8-year-old son was using the bathroom of Beijing Jingdu Guilin Hotel, the toughened door suddenly broke and the child's leg was scratched by glass.

So, how to avoid the self explosion of toughened glass? Wang Gong gave three suggestions.

First of all, when purchasing, we should choose a regular manufacturer to purchase. We must ask which glass is, especially which manufacturer is responsible for the glass tempering, so as to avoid confusion of the raw material manufacturers with the tempering manufacturers.

Secondly, the edge protection of toughened glass should be strengthened during installation to avoid the collision between the edge and other hard materials.

Third, the toughened glass shall be self inspected regularly. If there is any scar on the edge and corner of the toughened glass, the toughened glass shall be replaced in time.

Some consumers have proposed that whether the toughened glass can be protected by film?

In Wang Gong's view, the film is not a good way to prevent toughened glass from bursting. He said: 'first of all, the environment such as the shower room with toughened glass is heavy with water vapor, and the toughened film may be affected with moisture, resulting in the film falling off. Secondly, once the toughened glass bursts, the whole piece of toughened glass may fall down, causing more damage to people than the damage caused by the broken toughened glass. '