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How to cultivate baby's confidence?

the so-called self-confidence refers to children's belief that their ability can control their own body and behavior, can solve many problems by themselves, can meet the challenges in daily life, show optimism and progress, have a strong desire for knowledge, be healthy and lively, and be loved by the sun. Children with self-confidence can better adapt to society, adapt to competition, and have stronger survival ability. How to cultivate baby's confidence?

1. Work and rest regularly. For a baby, the world is brand new. If he gradually understands that everything happens in a day has rules to follow and develops regular work and rest, then she is more likely to form a sense of safety, self-confidence and everything under my control, so as to play at will and grow up healthily.

2. Create enough play opportunities. Play is a way for children to learn about themselves, others and the world. Children should play with their children, parents and so on. Through playing, children can continuously understand the world and cultivate self-confidence.

3. Help solve the problem. Help is not a substitute. Help guide children to solve problems. Nowadays, children usually get too many people's attention. As a direct result, children don't need to do anything. They have already done everything for them. We should cultivate more children's ability to find solutions when they encounter problems.

4. Let the baby take some responsibility. Babies are born to be willing to cooperate. As they grow up, their self-awareness will gradually form. We should let them know what they do and learn to do it, such as washing their faces and feet. We should do our own things and cultivate their sense of responsibility. Only when we grow up can we become responsible people.

5. Praise the baby. Praising children is a constant driving force for children to build up self-confidence. When children do the right things, we need to give more praise and encouragement. In the praise and encouragement, children constantly affirm themselves, and their self-confidence will increase accordingly.

6. Develop interests and hobbies. Combined with children's strengths, cultivate their interests and hobbies, let children find more and greater self-confidence in their interests and hobbies, at the same time, bring this self-confidence to all aspects of life, and constantly promote and drive the progress of other aspects.