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When will warwolf 3 be released? Who is the star of warwolf 3? Summary of the latest news of warwolf the most popular movie in the near future is "war wolf 2". The box office of "war wolf 2" keeps breaking all kinds of domestic box office records. The great success of "war wolf 2" is that it takes advantage of the time, the place and the people, the plot is wonderful, the fighting picture wants to be hot, and the netizens are overjoyed. Many netizens have begun to care about when "war wolf 3" is released. In the colored egg at the end of the movie, I It's not hard for us to see that Lengfeng, played by Wu Jing, will be recalled to the special forces, but his fiancee has been kidnapped and still hasn't been rescued, so the story spreads out. Let's learn about "wolf 3" together!

Wu Jing revealed that, in fact, before the shooting of "war wolf", there had been three plays. "For various reasons, we changed 3 into 2, which means that the original 2 will become 3. But from the current level of popularity, the pressure is very big. "As for the question of the new cast, Wu Jing replied," the cast wants to continue, but it depends on the situation, because it is unknown when the shooting will start. But I promised Yu Nan that the third film must be filmed. Leng Feng and long Xiaoyun (he and Yu Nan play boyfriend and girlfriend in the film) expressed their feelings to the audience. '

But wolf 2, originally scheduled for release on July 28, has recently been involved in a tort lawsuit. If the plaintiff wins the lawsuit, wolf 2 may be banned from broadcasting, so the release date is still a mystery.

In an interview with the media, Wu Jing recently said: 'my Xinjiang buddies are too straightforward to drink, and I have been turned over on the table twice in a row. In fact, "wolf 2" was originally intended to be shot in Xinjiang, but it was not filmed for many reasons later. I hope that "wolf 3" can be filmed in Xinjiang. '

Wu Jing's words show that he will continue to "war wolf 3" and will probably go to Xinjiang for shooting. So it seems that the third film is likely to have a cross-border scene. It's very exciting to think about it. Now, before "war wolf 2" is released, he has been looking forward to "war wolf 3".