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"Where to go dad 6" group 9 primary families announce who you are most looking forward to "where to go dad" is a very popular program. "Where to go dad 6" announced nine groups of pre selected families. Among these nine groups of pre selected guests, many netizens saw three "God dads of Kenwa", namely Chen he, Deng Chao and Jia Naliang. For "where is Dad going", although the guests will change every season, one person has never changed, that is, the village, and Li Rui will continue to be the village in this season's "where is Dad 6". Next, let's take a look at the nine groups of pre selected families?

"Where to go dad 6" revealed nine groups of pre selected families, among which Chen he, Deng Chao and Jay Chou are the first group of families with the most rumors on the Internet, Zhang Danfeng's family. Zhang Danfeng once posted a photo of himself and Village Li Rui on the Internet. Because of this photo, many netizens have determined that Zhang Danfeng will take his daughter to participate in this season's "where is the father 6", and Zhang Danfeng and his daughter have also been selected into this primary family. It seems that Zhang Danfeng has a high chance of success.

The second is the Wang Leehom family. Previously, it was also reported that Leehom Wang would take part in "where is Dad 6", but many netizens rejected the possibility. In fact, Wang Lee Hom once participated in "running man", many netizens said that he could not participate, but at last he participated, and this time Wang Lee Hom appeared in the pre selection family, it seems that it is possible to bring his daughter.

The third is "Kung Fu dad" Wu Jing. Wu Jing should be one of the guests that netizens are most looking forward to, because you can only see the image of a tough guy in the movie, and it's hard to see how he looked when he took his children. This time, Wu Jing was selected into the pre selection family, hoping that he could really bring his son Wu so-called together to participate.

The fourth is Jia Nailiang, the father of kengwa. At the beginning of this year, Jia Naliang had been told about some things about his family, which made him not go home for a long time, and did not see his precious daughter, sweetheart. This time, he and Stefanie appeared in the pre selection family and became one of the most expected group of guests by netizens.

The fifth is Jay Chou. Not to mention whether Jay Chou can participate in "where to go dad 6", it can be found that Jay Chou is starting to enter the variety show Road, and he and his daughter are also selected into the pre selection family, so as long as the program group asks him to say he can go.

The sixth is Deng Chao. In "running man", he often claims to be a "learning bully". In fact, his learning is very general. And if he can take his son and so on or his daughter and little flower sister to attend this time, I believe there should be no netizens who don't want to visit.

The seventh is Kaiwei Liu. As the husband of power generation, he and his daughter were also selected in the preliminary lineup. However, Xiaobian thinks that this group of families is the least likely to participate. After all, Hawick Liu is so busy that he should not choose to participate in such a reality show.

The eighth is "genius dad" Chen he. Chen he, the most popular entertainer, will be watched no matter what variety show he performs? This program group put Chen he in the pre selection family, which is to leave a suspense for the audience. Chen he was invited by the "yearning for life" program group in the first season, and this time it is likely that he will take his daughter to "where is Dad 6".

The ninth is Babel. Baobei is the most likely one of the nine to participate in "where to go dad 6". Before dumplings, she had recorded "mom is Superman" for many times. According to netizens, Baobei also signed a contract with the program team to attend the "where to go dad 6" this time when dumplings were recorded.

Among the nine groups of families, who do you want to come to? Xiaobian hopes Chen he, Deng Chao, Jia Naliang, Wu Jing and Zhang Danfeng. If these five groups of families can come, the ratings will not be worried. ​​​​