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Huawei's mobile phone is suddenly hot. What's the matter? Is it normal?

I believe that many people have encountered the problem of cell phone perm. Xiaobian has also encountered it. Sometimes they are afraid that the cell phone will blow up directly. Is cell phone perm normal? How can mobile phone be very hot suddenly? Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look

if the temperature of your phone suddenly rises in a certain period of time (part of the phone body, such as the middle of the phone body, the border near the power key). When you operate the mobile phone simply or not, the temperature of the body will rise obviously, and the endurance time of the mobile phone will be shortened obviously. The mobile phone may be abnormally hot. [cause of the problem] it may be that some applications have problems in their own design, resulting in high load operation of the mobile hardware and abnormal increase of the body temperature. If the mobile phone does not shut down for a long time, errors may occur, resulting in high hardware load and rising body temperature. [solution] uninstall applications that may have exceptions, such as those installed before problems occur. If the mobile phone is not shut down or restarted for a long time, it is recommended to observe whether the mobile phone is still abnormally hot after restarting. After backing up the important data, restore the phone to the factory settings, and observe whether the phone still has abnormal heating. If there are still problems after the above operations, please take the purchase invoice, warranty card and mobile phone to the nearest Huawei customer service center for detection and treatment.