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How does child timidity exercise courage?

some children are naturally timid, so parents are helpless. Some parents feel that their children are so useless, some parents can only do nothing, some children will let it go and think it's better to be older. How on earth should we exercise children's courage?

1. First of all, parents should understand their children and not condemn them blindly: you are so hopeless. You're useless. These will make children less secure and more afraid of doing things.

2. Encourage children to do whatever they want to do, and tell them that if there is a mistake, they will be responsible for it. (provided, of course, that the law and morality are not violated)

3. Take more children out to socialize and play, children can see more, can be used to a lot of things, in dealing with things can be more leisurely.

4. Take children to play with other children of the same age. Don't be too noisy. Don't be afraid of fighting between children. Children of the same age can get along with each other in a psychological sense of security.

5. When there are conflicts between children, parents should not jump out to help solve them. We can provide some suggestions or guidance. For example, taking away children on their own initiative, scolding children, etc.

6. Let the child do what he can. For example, if a child wants to eat ice cream, we can ask the child to ask about the price and pay for it.