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How to prevent summer fever from catching cold in summer

Four seas net: cold usually divides into three kinds: hot cold, wind cold cold, viral cold, and hot cold is more common in summer, so what should I do if I get hot cold in summer? How to prevent it?

The main symptoms of summer hot cold are: fever, dizziness or headache, sore throat, cough, phlegm or yellow, stuffy nose, dry mouth and dry tongue, weakness of limbs, loss of appetite, etc.

In addition to cold symptoms, there are fever, poor sweating, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The treatment is suitable for clearing away heat and dampness, removing surface and middle. Huoxiang Zhengqi oral liquid (10ml) can be used, 3-5ml for those over 7 years old, 2-4ml for those over 3-7 years old, twice a day. Children with stomach and intestine cold who feel the cold and fever of wind and cold, and have food stagnation or diarrhea and vomiting can choose noon tea granules (granules); those who are thirsty in summer and have infantile heat poisoning can use jinyinhualu oral liquid; those who are constipated in summer, thirsty and upset, and have aphasia can use Daochi pill, but children under the age of weeks should take it with caution.

The symptoms of "hot cold" are mild, only the nasal symptoms, such as congestion, runny nose, sneezing, mild cough, can be cured within 3-4 days. If involving the pharynx, there are fever, pharyngeal pain, tonsillar swelling and pain. Most fever lasted for 2-3 days.

If the symptoms are severe, there are high fever, chills, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite. The patient may have frequent cough, pharyngeal congestion, herpes and ulcer, tonsil exudation, and obvious pharyngeal pain. Inflammation can also cause swelling and pain of submaxillary lymph nodes, involving complications of sinuses, middle ear and trachea bleeding. The high fever of infants is easy to cause convulsion.

When the virus infects, the white blood cells are mostly normal or low, while when the bacteria infects, they are mostly high. Because the upper respiratory tract infection is mostly caused by virus, especially in the early stage of virus infection, antibiotics are not necessary. If you have bacterial infection, such as exudative tonsillitis, suppurative otitis media, the doctor will use antibiotics as the case may be. If the child has fever, he / she can get rid of the fever properly under the guidance of the doctor, but do not use too large dose of antipyretics, so as to avoid sudden temperature drop and collapse. If the child coughs heavily, affecting diet and sleep, you can take cough medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

How to prevent hot cold in summer

Indoor and outdoor temperature difference

1. Scientific use of air conditioning. With the development of society, the improvement of economic and material life, people's living standards are constantly improving. Air conditioning has entered thousands of households, making summer less hot. But people ignore the trouble brought by the temperature difference. Because of the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and the bad indoor ventilation, they are often prone to cold and fever. If they do not see a doctor in time, they can cause severe complications such as pneumonia.

Experts remind: don't indulge in temporary comfort and neglect your health. The hotter it is, the more heat-resistant exercise should be strengthened and the time in the air-conditioned room should be reduced. People who often work in the air-conditioned environment should try not to use the air-conditioner when they get home.

Watch your diet.

2. Pay attention to the knowledge of "eating". Medical research shows that cold is closely related to diet. All colds are caused by fat food, meat, dairy products, rice wine, etc. the reason is that this kind of food can reduce the anti-virus ability of immune cells in the body and cause cold; excessive consumption of high salt food can reduce the secretion of saliva and cause infection of upper respiratory tract; Eating too much high sugar food can consume water and vitamins in the body, which often leads to dry mouth and dry tongue, low immune function, and cold; smoking and drinking can lead to the decline of respiratory defense function, and easy to infect respiratory diseases.

Expert reminds: reasonable collocation diet, eat less fried, salt food, stop smoking and limit alcohol, especially in hot summer, can prevent cold.

3. Combine work with rest. Life lies in exercise. If you stay at home with the TV all day, or you are too busy, work for a long time, or tired, your immune function will be reduced, leading to the occurrence of cold.

Experts remind: the best way to prevent cold is to combine work and rest, return to nature, and strengthen the resistance to cold virus through regular outdoor activities.

Hygienic habit

4. Develop health habits. Medical research shows that people are most likely to be infected with the virus by touching their hands. It is reported that healthy people live with cold patients for three days. Because they have good health habits, they do not get the cold. Because only 8% of the droplets sprayed by cold patients contain cold virus. Cold virus is commonly found in nasal secretions of patients. The temperature and humidity of the nasal cavity are suitable for the growth and reproduction of the virus, and they are all transmitted from the inside to the outside. The cold virus can survive on handkerchief for 1 hour, and on hand for 10 hours. The patient's hand is infected with the virus, and then through taking the virus to the places contacted -- handkerchief, towel, door handle, telephone, table and chair, etc., healthy people will touch these places, and then touch their eyes and nose to catch the cold.

Experts remind: the most effective way to prevent colds is to shake hands of patients with different colds, wash hands frequently, change handkerchiefs frequently, and change the habit of touching nose and eyes with hands.


5. Keep a good attitude. Emotion and immunity are twin brothers. People who often worry about it can cause low immune function, weaken the ability of killing and phagocytizing pathogenic microorganisms, and give all the respiratory viruses a chance. It is reported that people who often worry about getting respiratory virus are 3-5 times more likely than those in the control group. People with high psychological pressure and introverted personality are less resistant to the cold virus.

Experts remind: open-minded, optimistic mood is an effective way to prevent cold.


6. Drug abuse is strictly prohibited. If you are ill, you should go to see a doctor in time. You can't take some drugs blindly, especially antibiotics and antipyretics. Drug abuse can lead to the decrease of resistance, the disorder of normal flora, the concealment of symptoms, the delay of the disease and the aggravation of the disease.