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"University question" to identify the changes of baby's brine door

Four seas net: fontanelle refers to the place where the head bone is not closed when the baby is born, commonly known as the top door. Baby's fontanelle is an important window reflecting baby's health, so how to look at diseases according to baby's brine door?

The fontanelle is plucked up.

1. The fontanelle suddenly bulges, which is more obvious when crying. The hand feels tense, accompanied by fever, vomiting, neck rigidity, convulsion and other symptoms. There may be infection in the brain, encephalitis or meningitis, so you should go to a doctor immediately.

2. The fontanelle gradually becomes full. It may be that there is a tumor in the brain, or there is fluid, pus and blood accumulation under the dura. Please see a doctor as soon as possible.

3. Taking large doses of cod liver oil, vitamin A or tetracycline for a long time can make the fontanelle full, so you need to consult a doctor to stop taking or reduce the dosage.

Depressed fontanelle

1. If the baby is suffering from diarrhea, fever or using a large amount of dehydrating agent, and the fontanelle is sunken, it indicates that the baby is already short of water, and it should be supplemented in time.

2. If the baby is excessively thin for a long time, check the fontanelle of the baby. If the fontanelle also has a depression, you can judge that the baby is malnourished.

Premature closure of fontanelle

1. When the baby's fontanelle is closed early, the size of her head circumference must be measured. If the size of head circumference is lower than normal, it may be brain hypoplasia.

2. Some babies with normal body, at 5-6 months, the front fontanelle is only the size of the fingertip, it seems to close Ding, but in fact, it is not ossified, so we should ask a doctor for identification. The change of baby's brine gate implies' University ask 'to identify baby's health status


In order to prevent infection, the fontanelle should be cleaned frequently. If the scalp has trauma, it should be disinfected in time to avoid infection to the skin of the fontanelle. In addition, when going out or at a low temperature, it should be protected by a hat.

Baobaoleng or hot is a problem that my mother is very concerned about, but because there is no basis for judgment, it is easy to make mistakes.

Judgement method

There is a way to help the mother judge whether the baby is cold or hot, that is, touch the baby's neck and back with hands. If it is warm and dry here, it means that the baby's temperature is suitable, and the clothes and bedding are just good; if there is much sweat here, it means some heat; if it is cold, it means some cold. Some people think that we should touch the baby's hands and feet to judge. In fact, the baby's hands and feet belong to the end of the body. The temperature here can't represent the real situation. It's better to take the temperature of the neck and back as the criterion.

In addition, when the environment temperature is too high or too much clothes are put on for the baby, the baby's temperature is high, the face is red, the perspiration is much, the baby is fidgety and easy to cry, at the same time, the baby is prone to dry mouth and lips, poor spirit, little urine, etc.; on the contrary, when the environment temperature is too low, the baby's temperature is low, the hands and feet are cold, and in serious cases, the baby has scleroma.


Too tight and thick clothes will restrict the baby's movement and development, and is not conducive to perspiration and ventilation. Cold wind or cold air may easily cause cold and cold.