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What kind of medicine do you need for outdoor activities?

outdoor activities, all kinds of drugs are necessary for senior donkey friends. Considering the cost and volume weight, the following suggestions and instructions are made for the drugs in the outdoor activity medicine box of donkey friends. Please refer to them:

Realgar can drive away snakes and some insects. It is recommended to carry 100g per person

Mosquito repellent water -- it can drive away the invasion of mosquitoes. It is recommended to use one bottle by hand

Snake medicine - it can cure the bite of vipers and some poisonous insects. It is recommended to equip a box for every ten people. At the same time, dissolve the tablet with warm boiled water and apply it to about half an inch around the wound, and cooperate with other local treatment

Disinfectant -- it can disinfect and heal the wound well. It is recommended to take 3 bottles of disinfectant for the wound after mosquito bites

Cold medicine -- no need to talk about its effect, you can choose your brand at will

Pain removing tablet: it can be used to relieve pain in an emergency. It is harmful to the body. It is recommended to use as little as possible. One bottle is enough

A bottle of white spirit -- it can not only replace the effect of alcohol, but also take orally to expel cold

Table salt and white sugar -- the solution can be used to treat dehydration and hypoglycemia by oral administration, one bag for each

Heatstroke drugs, such as Rendan, shidishui, etc., of which shidishui can also be used to induce vomiting by ingesting toxic substances