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Do you know how to deal with the four symptoms of air conditioning disease air conditioning is one of the best choices for people to cool down in summer, but when they stay in the air conditioning room for a long time, they will feel uncomfortable. This is what we usually call air conditioning disease. What are the symptoms of air conditioning disease?

Symptom 1: headache. I often hear people who often sit in air-conditioned rooms say, "I feel headache, twinkling eyes, and forgetting things.". In addition to causing cold, air conditioning also causes serious brain damage, the most common is headache.

In summer, people rush into the air-conditioning room after working outdoors. The skin feels the temperature from hot to cold, especially when the temperature difference between inside and outside the room is more than five degrees, the blood vessels expand and contract rapidly from the expansion state, thus causing headache.

Symptom 2: cold. Summer high temperature, many people because of the cool air conditioning temperature is very low. When people enter the air-conditioning room from the hot outside, the respiratory tract is easy to be stimulated, and when they sweat, the pores and capillaries suddenly contract when they are cold, which is easy to catch cold and heat stroke.

If you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time and your pores are in a Contracting State, you will suddenly come to a hot room or outdoors, and your pores cannot be opened in time. If your body's regulating center is improper, you will have heat stroke, sore throat, stuffy nose and other wind heat cold symptoms

Symptom 3: dry skin. Too long in the air conditioning room, the skin is often dry and itchy. Especially with chronic skin diseases, it is very sensitive to temperature changes. Take the common chronic skin disease, ectopic dermatitis for example. When sweating and sweat stimulation are obvious in hot days, the skin is itchy. If in the air conditioning room for a long time, the skin will also be too dry and itchy.

Symptom 4: dry eyes. The problem of air-conditioning drying also affects the eyes. People who wear contact lenses for a long time and suffer from chronic conjunctivitis or xerophthalmia are prone to dry eyes and have a high recurrence rate. If the filter screen at the air-conditioning port is not cleaned, the situation will be worse. In the closed office building, the air conditioning system keeps circulating, high concentration of carbon dioxide continues to accumulate in the air, and the eyes stare at the computer screen for a long time under the condition of lack of oxygen, which is prone to redness, itching and pain.