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How to barbecue? What should I pay attention to?

barbecue has gradually become a fashionable outdoor leisure dining activity. It is not only suitable for people of all ages, but also satisfies people's sense of self-made achievement, so it is very popular. But how to barbecue outdoors? How to make the barbecue more complete? I'll explain it to you in detail, hoping to give you a little help.

Site selection

Not all places are suitable for barbecue. It's better to choose a park and other places that can provide barbecue

Facilities are quite complete in all aspects. Secondly, it is a place with good scenery and convenient transportation, so as to supplement goods.

Of course, you can also choose to live in your own garden and yard.

Choice of food

Food, of course, is based on one's hobbies and tastes. Make sure you have the seasoning (blended oil, salt, barbecue sauce (juice), chili powder (dried mother), cumin, five spice powder, honey, tomato sauce, carrot sauce).

1. Carnivores

Chicken: chicken wings, chicken breast, chicken balls; in addition, chicken heart and gizzard can also be roasted; meanwhile, roasted eggs are also a kind of flavor, which can be tried.

Beef and mutton: mutton kebabs (sold in supermarkets), cashew, beef fillet, beef ribs, especially beef shoulder is the most easily roasted tender meat, and the taste is good.

Pork: streaky pork (barbecue on tin paper), meat kebab (sold in supermarket), spareribs

Fish and shrimp: squid, fresh shrimp, etc.; all kinds of fish; all kinds of fish balls, seafood balls.

Sausage, ham: lunch meat, ham sausage, sausage, bacon and so on. They are very tasty and easy to cook.

2. vegetables

Potato, lotus root, corn (cooked), onion (very tasty), mushroom, green pepper, red pepper, eggplant, sweet potato, apple, asparagus. Garlic: special recommendation. Roasted garlic not only has a unique taste, but also has a bactericidal effect, which is very suitable for eating in the wild.

Note: all vegetables should be washed, peeled and sliced in advance

3. wheaten food

Steamed bread slices (dipped in dough sauce, chili sauce, very delicious), tofu pieces, gluten

4. Auxiliary food and snacks

Melon seeds, peanuts, chips, jelly, drinks and so on.

The choice of barbecue time

Generally speaking, spring and sunshine are the most suitable seasons for barbecue. After the winter, you can come out and absorb the fresh air and exercise properly. Barbecue is generally better in the morning. After eating, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and help digestion.

Preparation of barbecue tools and accessories

1. Barbecue tools

Lighter, charcoal, combustion aid, net rack, barbecue fork, barbecue clip (raw food), barbecue shovel (flipped food)

2. Auxiliary items

Bamboo sticks, small brushes, fruit knives, tinfoil, newspapers, disposable chopsticks and bowls, plates and gloves, paper cups, napkins, wipes, tablecloths, barbecue aprons, garbage bags.

Note: if the barbecue place where you are provides the tools for barbecue, you may not need to prepare them. But auxiliary items must be prepared.

What should be paid attention to in barbecue

1. Determine if the food is cooked

Do not eat foods that are not baked or pasted, so as not to spoil your stomach. Do not eat the cooked food immediately because of the high temperature. Be careful when eating.

2. On the correct application of carbon

When adding charcoal, we should pay attention to that we must wait until the newly added charcoal is completely burned before baking food. When the charcoal is not completely burned, it will produce a lot of carbon monoxide, which is not conducive to health.

3. Precautions for oil painting

Pay special attention to the use of oil in the barbecue process. Do not brush oil on the meat food just put on. Brush oil after the food is baked and tightened. Do not brush too much oil, and do not drop oil after brushing. Try to avoid oil dripping into the oven during baking.

4. Environmental treatment after barbecue

After the barbecue, the site must be cleaned up, especially the unused charcoal should be handled properly. Pay attention to environmental health.

Matters needing attention

Barbecue is a very happy and relaxing thing. If you have time to do it with your family or friends, it can not only enhance your feelings but also relieve the pressure of life.