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Some old habits in life?

not all old habits in life are correct, because some old habits are bad habits in life, and there is no scientific research at all. It even has a very bad impact on people, so we need to distinguish these things in life. Today, I will tell you some of the things I know.

First, it's a normal thing for the older people to have more rest, but the rest of the elderly is totally different from that of the young. Because the old people's resistance will decline when they are older, they should rest at any time instead of sleeping well at night, which requires adjustment.

Second, it's a bad habit to clean the family on time with disinfectant water, but now many people think it's the right thing to do. In fact, it's not a good thing to use disinfectant water frequently in the family, because the chemical composition is difficult to dissipate, and it may affect the health of the family for a long time.

Third, when taking a bath, we should scrub hard so that the body can be washed clean, but we should pay attention to that we can't scrub hard, because this will cause skin fiber damage. Everyone must pay attention to gently rubbing bath, do not hurt the skin.

Fourth, pregnant women should pay attention not to eat casually, in fact, this is a wrong thinking, because in life, when women are pregnant, the food they want to eat is actually the nutrition that pregnant women need. So pregnant women want to eat what they eat, they eat some, just grasp how much is good!

Fifthly, living habits are that some people always think that vegetables and tofu are safe. Many old people almost don't eat meat and eat vegetarians. In fact, the old people need enough calories and calcium to meet their physical needs.

Sixth, the body itself can secrete very useful ingredients, such as our saliva is one of them. Many people always like spitting, which is a big mistake. Saliva is good for your mouth. Don't spit it out as you go.