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What to do with the trapped elevator Summary of self rescue methods of trapped elevator

Sihai network: modern life and work are basically completed in high-rise buildings. It is inevitable to take the elevator everyday. In recent years, elevator accidents happen frequently, and there are not a few fatal accidents at the elevator. What should we do and what measures should be taken in case of elevator failure? Sihai small compiled the common sense of self rescue of trapped elevators for you. Let's go Look at it!

I. keep calm and comfort the trapped people. Explain that there will be no danger and the elevator will not fall down the elevator slot.

2. Use alarm clock or interphone or mobile phone for help. If there is no alarm clock or interphone, and the mobile phone fails again, you can clap the door and shout. If you are afraid of hand pain, you can take off your shoes and knock. Please find someone to rescue immediately.

3. If you can't find the elevator technician immediately, please call the firefighter outside. Firefighters usually winch the elevator up or down to the nearest floor and open the door.

IV. if there is no trained rescue personnel outside, do not climb out of the elevator by yourself.

5. Never try to push the inner door of the elevator forcibly. Even if it can be opened, the outer door may not be accessible. If you want to open the outer door, you can't escape safely. The grease on the outer wall of the elevator may also make people slip.

6. If the elevator ceiling has an emergency exit, do not climb out. Once the exit plate is opened, the safety switch stops the elevator.

7. If you are trapped in the elevator of a commercial building late at night or on a weekend afternoon, there may be no one approaching the elevator for hours or even days. In this case, it's better to bear hunger and thirst, pay attention to the outside activities, and try to attract the attention of pedestrians if they pass by.