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What is the nutritional value of tomato? What are the functions of Tomato

Tomato is rich in nutritional value, especially the vitamin content is very high. Eating tomato often can effectively whiten, but when we cook tomato, if the temperature is too high, the vitamin in it is easy to be damaged, so the time in the process of cooking tomato cannot be too long. What are the benefits of eating tomatoes? Let's take a look

the nutritional value of tomato is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, organic acids and a small amount of protein. It can promote digestion, diuresis and inhibit many kinds of bacteria. Vitamin D in tomato can protect blood vessels and treat hypertension. Tomatoes contain glutathione, which can delay cell aging and increase the anti-cancer ability of human body. Carotene in tomato can protect skin elasticity, promote bone calcification, and prevent rickets, night blindness and dry eyes in children.

Tomatoes contain vitamins and mineral elements that have a protective effect on cardiovascular system, which can reduce heart attack. Lycopene has a unique antioxidant capacity, which can remove free radicals, protect cells, protect DNA and genes from damage, and prevent the process of cancer. Tomato can not only prevent prostate cancer, but also effectively reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and other cancers. Vitamin C in tomato has the effects of promoting body fluid and thirst, strengthening stomach and digestion, cooling blood and calming liver, clearing heat and detoxification, reducing blood pressure, and has good auxiliary treatment effect on hypertension and kidney patients. Eat more tomatoes have anti-aging effect, keep skin white.

In fact, when we eat tomatoes, it's better to have them in cold sauce. They haven't been cooked in high temperature. The vitamin C and other nutrients in the tomato soup haven't been destroyed. In addition, we can add some sugar according to our taste. Wash tomatoes several times before eating them raw. Clean the dust on the surface of tomatoes and some parasitic eggs.