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How many key points do men maintain? How do men keep fit?

if a man wants to be a man, how can he stand up for a day if his body breaks down early.

Xiaobian arranges some elements about men's health preservation for you. Men have to look at them.

Reduce social engagement:

In business, it's normal to have too much social intercourse, but some unnecessary social intercourse should be minimized as far as possible, because social intercourse can't avoid smoking and drinking. These things are vital to the body. In normal times, we shouldn't smoke and drink too much.

Good living habits:

Make a schedule of your own life. Go to bed before 11 p.m. and get up at 7 a.m. in the morning. After getting up in the morning, open a cup of warm and white wine. Remember to drink with a big mouth and a small mouth. It's important to stick to it.

There are at least three days of exercise in a week. You can ask your friends to play basketball, ride bicycles, run, etc. but try not to focus on these three days, and your body will not be able to stand it.

Try to take as few supplements as possible. Don't listen to how the propagandist blows them. They are three parts poisonous. Stick to eating food to supplement the body. Men's Treasure: yam, leek, longan, etc.

Have a good attitude:

Having a good mentality means having a good mood. If you care too much about something, you will give yourself great pressure invisibly. That way, your mood will not be very relaxed. Learn to relax yourself and combine work with rest, so as to keep your body and mind comfortable.

Good interpersonal relationship:

If you don't have a wide circle of friends, you will always have those friends around you. Slowly, your heart will be in conflict with the outside world. After a long time, you will find yourself a little depressed, which has a great psychological impact.

For this purpose, the editor provides the following suggestions:

1. Make more friends, let yourself learn to communicate with friends and open up.

2. Expand your hobbies, from hobbies to friends.

3. Friends need to keep in touch with each other frequently. They need to pay more attention to their friends. In exchange, they also need to care about them.

Matters needing attention

Health preservation is not only about the body, but also the mind.

Physical and mental pleasure + good body = health.