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When to eat VC effervescent tablets? Three wrong ways to eat VC effervescent tablets

Sihaiwang: Vitamin C effervescent tablet is a kind of soluble vitamin, which has great nutritional value. Many people like it very much. When will vitamin C effervescent tablet be drunk? Let's have a look.

When does vitamin C effervescent piece drink good?

1、 One hour after dinner

It's best to take one hour after meals, because the time of vitamin C is not a problem, but taking one hour after meals can increase the absorption of drugs, so it will be conducive to play the value and role of drugs. This effervescent tablet can be digested and absorbed well, although it is conducive to enhancing our physical and mental health.

2、 After breakfast

Generally, everyone will choose to take medicine after breakfast. After breakfast, it is a very good time point, probably between 10:00 and 11:00. At this time, the absorption capacity of the human body is the best, and the digestive capacity of the stomach and intestines is also the best, which can effectively improve the physical and mental health.

3、 Good dinner, too

If you choose to take this vitamin C effervescent tablet after dinner, you can also take it before you go to sleep, which is conducive to our digestion and absorption. It will make our skin more and more white and beautiful, and increase the smoothness of our skin, especially many women children pay more attention to the whitening effect of our skin, so you can use it before you go to sleep after dinner It's also very good, because everyone knows that cosmetics are the best for absorption after dinner, and the same is true for vitamin C effervescent tablets.

Can vitamin C effervescent tablet drink everyday?

Vitamin C effervescent tablet belongs to medicine and cannot be taken for a long time.

1. The daily intake of vitamin should be 100mg, and the upper limit is 2000mg

2. If you take more than 200mg daily, the body will excrete excess vitamin C through the urine, and will not increase the vitamin C content in the blood too high.

3. In addition, I said in other answers that a large number of long-term vitamin C tengpian is just a carrier. I don't know if you refer to the effervescent tablet of a certain medicine or the effervescent tablet of a certain vitamin. If it's medicine, it's certainly according to the doctor's advice. Generally, you should refer to VC effervescent tablets. If it's VC effervescent tablets, theoretically speaking, it won't be a problem if you don't take them too much every day according to the instructions, but you should be careful not to take them with seafood.

In addition, some diseases such as gastric ulcer will strengthen the stimulation of stomach when taken on an empty stomach, so if you have some chronic diseases or need to take another medicine, you'd better ask the doctor first.

If you are taking it as a health care product, you are not very recommended to take this single large amount of vitamin supplement. Although VC is safe to take, after all, the human body needs a balanced proportion of nutrition. Although it does not lead to poisoning, it has a certain damaging effect on va. if you take VC for a long time, you need to supplement VA and folic acid in time.

Three wrong ways to eat VC effervescent tablets

Washed with drinks

Some people think that as long as you can flush away the effervescent tablet, it doesn't matter what you take to bubble. But in fact, it will bring great health risks, even cause cancer when it is serious. Because the substances in the effervescent tablet and the substances in the carbonated drink produce a carcinogenic substance benzene, which is undoubtedly toxic at this time, so you should not take the effervescent tablet at ordinary times Enjoy carbonated drinks to make effervescent tablets.

Not in time

Many mm in the office after making good effervescent film, and to answer a phone call to make a data. Vitamin in the air exposure for a long time, will lead to the loss of its components, can not achieve the best drinking effect. Therefore, MM people had better drink it as soon as possible after each time of soaking, so as to avoid the loss of VIC, and drink it for nothing.

Put it in the open water

Just boiled water will oxidize and decompose VC, and use very hot water to make effervescent tablets, which will destroy the nutrition. Therefore, when making VC effervescent tablets, do not use boiled water. You should wait for the water to cool slowly before putting it into the effervescent tablets, so as to get the most VC and make it play the best effect.

Although we all know the wrong way to eat VEC effervescent tablets, we should not take too much, because we should master a degree in everything. Large dose of VC will lead to human VC poisoning, but bring us health risks.

The above points are the relevant instructions of vitamin C effervescent tablets. You must pay attention to the above mentioned time periods and take medicine within a reasonable time period, so as to achieve certain absorption and digestion, effectively improve the smoothness of our skin and enhance the charm of our skin.