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When is Meizu pro7 available? Is Meizu pro7 worth buying with the release of Meizu's new product, Meizu pro7, netizens have different opinions on it. Some people say that the sub screen is too weak, and the front face is too public. It's impossible for people to vomit. Some netizens think that in the era of smart phones with popular faces, Meizu has such courage to innovate. Meizu's small and beautiful spirit has been inherited. Many netizens care about the opening time of Meizu pro7. Let's take a look at it!

In fact, on the day of the first sale of pro6 last year, Meizu launched a large-scale store activity. At that time, many stores were full of people and there were long lines of buying machines. In the first two days of the first sales day of Meizu pro7, Meizu launched a large-scale first sales roadshow around the most popular it stores in the first and second tier cities in China, which will surely be more popular at that time.

For the offline roadshow of this sale, Meizu has also made great efforts. Just like the unique product design of Meizu pro7, or the change of the release form of Meizu pro7, it has something to do with the arrival of Yang Tuo who has joined Meizu for several months. Yang zhe has always been famous for his distinctive personal style in the industry. During the period of Samsung and Huawei, his leading marketing has a strong Chinese element. This road show of Meizu is naturally full of literature and art.

Meizu pro7 is the flagship mobile phone of the year recently released by Meizu. With continuous technological breakthroughs and innovative dual screen design, this mobile phone has undoubtedly attracted the attention of users once it is released. Looking at the whole mobile phone industry, most manufacturers are still following up and following the design of Apple Samsung and other large international factories, while the product innovation of their own is very poor. This time, the Meizu Pro 7 didn't choose to follow, but continued to adhere to the same craftsmanship spirit for many years, expended a lot of human and material resources, started from the consumer experience, and then developed a more innovative function like "painting screen".

The "painting screen" is not only the second screen, because it is set on the back of the fuselage, and has experienced deep thinking in the development place. This screen can not be used as the display of music, call, step recording and other functions to reduce power consumption, but also can be used for the display of rear camera selfie, and can even directly participate in people's favorite "red bag snatching". With the subsequent opening to the third party, "picture screen" can also bring more fun and bright features.

Satisfied with the top pressure and innovative answer

Through "picture screen", we can not only see Meizu's consideration of user experience, but also Meizu's pursuit of innovation. It can be said that although it has entered the market for more than ten years, the spirit of craftsmanship of Meizu has not changed at all, which is also the most gratifying thing for kerosene people. Under the great pressure of products and market, Meizu pro7 has given a satisfactory answer.