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What is the nutritional value of red raisin? What are the functions of red raisin

Red raisin can not only be used as a daily snack to eat directly, but also can be stewed in porridge or soup together to play an appetizer role. So what are the specific effects and functions of red raisin? Let's have a look!

1. The nutritional value of red extract

Although red raisin is a kind of dry fruit food, its nutritional value is not inferior to that of fresh red raisin, but there are a lot of carbohydrates, glucose, citric acid, calcium, iron and potassium. In addition, there are many vitamins and amino acids in red raisin. People can eat some of them properly every year to meet the needs of normal metabolism Ingredient needs.

2. Red extract can resist virus

There is a kind of natural antiviral component in red raisin, which is polymerized phenol. After entering the human body, this substance can make the virus or bacteria in the human body react with the protein in the human body, and make them lose the ability of transmission, so as to reduce the harm of these viruses to the human body, and the inhibitory effect of red raisin on the hepatitis virus and poliovirus in the human body It is the best food to prevent hepatitis.

3. Red extract can replenish blood and promote calcium absorption

There are many kinds of Microelements in red raisin, of which the content of iron is the most excellent. It can promote the synthesis of red blood cells after entering the human body, play an obvious blood tonic effect, and have a very good alleviation and prevention effect on human anemia. In addition, there is a certain amount of calcium in red raisin, which is particularly easy to be absorbed by the human body. Usually, eating more can prevent osteoporosis Happen.

Through the above introduction, I believe that friends have a detailed understanding of the efficacy and function of red raisin. It turns out that raisin not only tastes delicious, but also has a high nutritional value. It has a good drug effect on women's blood tonic, bone calcium absorption, sterilization and antiviral. Please try it as soon as you like!