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How to deal with the broken mercury thermometer mercury thermometer is a necessary item for family, but it is also fragile. You should take care of it in daily life. What should you do if you break it accidentally? Let's have a look.

What to do if the mercury thermometer is broken

A thermometer contains about 1g of mercury. As the material used is glass, once the mercury is broken in use, it will leak out. If it is not treated timely and effectively, the Mercury will evaporate easily at room temperature. The higher the temperature is, the faster the evaporation will be, and the mercury vapor will be formed, which will easily cause mercury pollution and harm to human health. People in the mercury concentration of 1.2-8.5 mg / m3 environment will soon lead to poisoning. Therefore, we should deal with it timely and correctly. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Put on your gloves and collect the mercury as soon as possible. The collection method is: use a small wet cotton stick or tape paper to stick up the mercury spilled on the ground, put it into a small bottle that can be sealed, such as a plastic bottle such as a beverage bottle, and add a small amount of water into the bottle, and write "waste mercury" and other identifying words on the bottle, and send it to the waste liquid management personnel of the Community Housing Committee for treatment or to the environmental protection department for special treatment. Don't pour the collected mercury into the sewer, so as not to cause pollution elsewhere.

2、 Once the mercury thermometer is broken, the Mercury will evaporate quickly, forming a ball to roll off. At this time, all the heating devices in the room should be turned off immediately, and the windows should be opened for ventilation.

3. For the room polluted by mercury, iodine and alcohol can be used to ignite and fumigate to make the iodine and mercury in the air generate nonvolatile mercury iodide, which can reduce the concentration of mercury vapor in the air. It can also wash the ground polluted by mercury with 10% bleaching powder liquid, which has a certain effect of mercury removal.

4. For the mercury that can't be completely collected when falling on the ground, sulfur powder (generally sold in pharmacies) can be sprinkled on the place where the mercury is sprinkled. When Mercury meets sulfur, it will generate mercury sulfide compounds that are difficult to volatilize, which can prevent mercury from volatilizing into the air, so the pollution of Mercury will not exist.

5. Pay attention to personal safety and wash hands after work. Although mercury and water are not compatible, but in this case, wash your hands a lot, only good. For the sake of health, it's better to wash and air your clothes. If the wound is exposed to mercury, it should be inspected in the poisoning prevention and Control Department of the hospital to prevent poisoning.